Friday, September 30, 2005

What a shock!

Imagine 240V of electric passes thru your body for about two seconds. Scary huh? I just got electrocuted. Now, two burn marks are left at my right pointy finger.
Mujur tak mati.
Lampu punya pasal, I nearly become roast of the day. Guys, if you happen to change lightbulbs, please remember to turn off the switch.
Actually, I would have remembered to turn it off. But the whole lighting setup was shattered to pieces coz of some no good screws that holds it. So jatuh berderai ler. Sebab terkezut lampu hancus, lupa tutup suis.
I guess my time hasn't come yet.
Maybe for some good reasons. Baca lagi!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

What a year

I guess this is it. With Powerman behind our backs, I guess the year has ended, at least for me. Wont be going to Singapore this year I think.

Next year, I guess i can focus on few races (especially duathlon) and maybe, just maybe squeeze in a marathon and a triathlon. PD was definitely a great experience.

More running to be done after raya, more fats to be burned of coz. Perhaps new equipments along the way. Hehe..a new multisport jersey would be nice, eh? Siapa nak sponsor suit Quintana Roo sila email saya ye! Baca lagi!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Image hosted by

Happy 25th birthday to you!

ps: org yg dalam gambar ni jgn perasan comel plak ek! hehe..
Baca lagi!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Power, power, Powerman!

This Kenyan dude came in transition first


Wong Ah Thiam. Sorang pun tak layan aku kat kedai dia.

Shahrom (far right). Aku rack bike aku sebelah dia kat PD dulu. hehe..

Not forgetting, Azwar the Zebra man. Despite injury, you go man!

Checkout those Zipp wheels.

I went. But I didnt participate. No training. Plus, its Poweman la. OK. Not some weekend 10k race. I just went to support some people and enjoy the excitement of multi-sport life. For more info, checkout Baca lagi!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Next month

tak tau apa nak tulis. tak ada apa untuk dibaca. 'Dibaca' bukan 'di baca' kerana 'baca' tidak menunjukkan masa atau tempat.

I will be looking forward to the coming Ramadhan because of two things. One, because its Ramadhan la. Second, because some other important thing. Could be the breakthrough thats needed.

Do you know that you can train your mind to feel happy? Some neuroscientist did a research on a sami buddha to see the level of happiness of a monk. You know la sami buddha, they are filled with compassion and what not. Bukan macam kita ni. Orang potong queue ko dah nak mengamuk. Kena tegur sikit dah melenting. Pukul. Bunuh. Santau. Haih. Neway, looks like those sami buddha wont be needing any prozac if confronted with problems. just, meditate. Omitaufan. or sumthin like that. Maybe I should train my puny brain more often.

On another note, having not exercise regularly for the past God-knows-how-many-weeks, I think i've very low levels of endorphine. too much cortisol is overwhelming my bloodstream. hmm..boleh kena kanser nih. Thats the beauty of exercise. It makes u feel good about urself. Which I dont currently. Baca lagi!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

the ethereal me

ok, now im taking a stand. i know what i want and i am going to get it. cant do it the proper way? there's always the ugly way of doing it. persistence. persistence. persistence.
oh yeah, you should never admit defeat before crossing the start line. that is so true sabb. now im putting my money where my mouth is. err, what's that suppose to mean again? damn, this keyboard is suddenly acting up. penat aku menaip.

finding my vocation. hell yeah. i could do this all day long without complainin. heck, who have i to complain to? komplen kat diri sendri la! at least i wont have a bastard breathing down my neck "just to make sure that everything is in place". plus, i got to train. muahahah...that should be further discussed.

huh, 1 am oredi? tido oi! esok keje! hahahahaha!!! Baca lagi!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Dazed and confused

Deep thoughts...deep thoughts.
Must think hard.
Decisions to be made.
Right or wrong? Im not in the know.
Came to the crossings. Its too damn hard.
Dreams and reality. Oil and water dont mix. Damn.

Disconnected? From God, perhaps.
Strayed away for a long time. Need to get back on track.

Funny how things work in life. Seems like everything is intertwined, making knots that seems impossible to untie. Maybe it is possible to untie it, but it could take time. Everytime I bolted out a new move, something will happen to make me confuse. crap. All this is a big piece of crap. A big, muthafakin' piece of crap.

I just wanna live....jeng jeng jeng...
Dont really care about the things that they say
Dont really care about what happens to me
I just wanna live..jeng jeng jeng... (sing in a sissy voice)

Hahaha with words like that you can sell records. Thanks to Good Charlotte.
Oi, where have all the rock bands gone? Ne'ermind.

Crux of the matter, I just wanna live. Arkhhh...
prozac, prozac,prozac. I wanna be at prozac nation. Baca lagi!

Monday, September 12, 2005

The year's most koboi run for me.

Fadzli, Fadhil and me after the run

Its the Putrajaya Half Marathon, last weekend. Without any decent preparations ie. training, food and all, I rocked Putrajaya that morning. if!

I was 5 mins late for the gun-off (thanks to a certain Fadzli, hehe) and had to play catch-up with hoardes of runners in front. This was how it went: we parked the car, ran up a flight of stairs, gave the marshall the registration coupon and ran. Not even time for warm-up! And like I said, I have to play catch-up. Duh, having to catch up with no proper training means killing yourself for the first 3km. I was huffing and puffing. I think I was sucked into catching up them too fast. But soon, the rhythm starts to kick in and I'm kicking ass! Hahaha. No lah, I just overtook some skool kids. And that's, ladies and gents, is my curent form.

So, nothing really interesting though. Got no medal eventho the organisers said there were 400 medals to be grabbed in the 10k category. Yeah, rite. Or maybe I turned sour becoz I didnt get one? Hahah. Sabb and Angah on the other hand, got their medals in their 'special' category. Well done u guys! Hope this will be a stepping stone towards erm..towards a healthier life!

Baca lagi!

The Great Bike Race

Life is like a great bike race, the goal of which is to live one's own Personal Destiny.
At the starting line, we are all together, sharing camaraderie and enthusiasm. But, as the race develops, the initial joy gives way to challenges: exhaustion, monotony, doubts as to one's ability.

We notice that some friends refuse to accept the challenges -- they are still in the race, but only because they cannot stop in the middle of a road. There are many of them. They ride along with the support car, talk among themselves and complete the task.

We find ourselves outdistancing them; and then we have to confront solitude, the surprises around unfamiliar curves, problems with the bicycle. We wind up asking ourselves if the effort is worth it. Yes, it is worth it. Don't give up. Don't give up Tank! Baca lagi!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Animal lovers, unite!

Its not a coincidence that I have 11 cats, and a host of other visiting animals like monkeys, squirrels and even foxes behind my yard. It is my choice. So make the right choice. Sign up for the SPCA petition to amend the laws protecting animals in Malaysia. Click the poster for more info. Baca lagi!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Aiya this Sunday got race ah?

Oh yes this Sunday is the Putrajaya Half Marathon! and I'm in perfect condition. NOT! Let see how's my workout have been for the past 2 weeks:

Mon:- no running
Tue:- bz preparing for bbq
Wed:- Bee's housewarming party, merdeka
Thu:- binging on hotel food somewhere
Fri:- same as above
Sat:- no running
Sun:- main bola with some high skool kids
Mon:- no running
Tue:- main futsal, (tak best main ngan mamat shah nih)
Wed:- sibuk buat personal projek.

So yang tinggal, Thursday and Friday. And kalau sempat, Saturday. And my left shin rasa pleik semacam. As if I knocked on something tapi the feeling of bengkak have been for 2 weeks. Shin splints? Muahahaha. Last year, I was doing gilababi mileage (not so gilababi like marathoners though) tapi takde injury pun. This year, training pun macam kaput, dah ada injury? Gilo apo. If shin splints, then babai la my marathon dreams end of this year. Cycle for 3 months as ganti. Baca lagi!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Oh I am deeply...

Hello world, it's me again. I've been away for a while. Where ive been, even leaves me puzzled. Disconnected. Blearghh. Bored with this boring shit. Let me tell you what happened during Merdeka. Nah, this aint another melancholic, downward-spiral, self-rightous suicidal thing. Its a happy one.

I've decided to hold a party that day. Yeah, u know i just wanted to have something to do that specific day. So why not a bbq to celebrate merdeka? wasnt a bad idea afterall since Amir havent done any housewarming party whatsoever yet. Maka bermula kerja-kerja en tank memasak untuk 10 orang. It looked easy my friends. But it is. hahah. crap.

Long story short, the party was a blast. Capped with a disastrous (to me and Lah) game of Monopoly, its a hell of a time. The highlight, the presentation of a birthday cake. Oh yea its my birthday six days prior. Man! Im deeply touched! Heck it hit me unexpectedly! Hahahahaaaa.. the cake was a fabulouso marshmallow choc cake. A BIG one. And i got an ORIGINAL pc game (Alexander, like the movie) from nana. Aku dengan blurnya ingat dia nak main game that nite. d'oh! Rupanya its for me. That is how unexpected it was.

To all of you, Nana, Ayang, Ubie, Amir, Sabb, Lah, and Eus, thousands of thanks wont do justice to what you've all done. Not forgetting those who wished me a 'happy tua day' including Grunge, Bee, Yan, Shimot, Kett, and Linz.

You guys just light up my day. Baca lagi!