Sunday, February 27, 2005

What an embarrassing show

Langkawi once again became the home of Ironman, after the license has been renewed by WTC. But what a shameful display it was. I heard on the tube, only 38 participants started. Out of that, 2 are women. What supposed to be 'The toughest show on earth' turned out to be like a sukaneka on a family day. I just couldnt imagine why on earth does that Sri Ram Sarma still want to get it on with after realising that the organizing commitee only sat down to discuss this matter only two weeks ago. Yes he knew that. Bugger, you knew that it was too late for the event, why bother? I mean skip for this year and make it big next year la! You just tainted the good name of Langkawi as the host! Not forgetting yours too. I really don't think there will be another Ironman on Malaysian soil.
Why I'm such an perturbed person now? Becoz Ironman has a special place in my heart. It was where I begin. I will, do it one day. Baca lagi!

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A sudden visit

'K' called me yesterday evening telling that she is coming to KL. I wasn't quite surprised because shee had told me that she intend to come a few weeks ago. I sensed that trouble is in the air. And I sensed right. It is big trouble. When you can travel overnight from JB to KL just for a chat, it has to be a biggie, right?

After we met at the lobby of M&O, clearly, from the look on her face, she's in trouble. Well apart from being a bit chubby than before, this girl has transformed herself into a strikingly attractive young lady. The last I've seen her, she bears the look of a young schoolgirl eventho at the age of 22. Well, that's almost 5 years ago. Interesting how people change.

We went for dinner at this Italian joint. Then she talked.

"I'm in love with someone's husband."

I was taken aback. Seriously. I have that feeling of a schoolboy who was told by his teacher that he had failed his exam. My mind was scrambling to find the meaning of her words. I thought, she's gotta be joking. But she wasn't.

To make long story short, she's in love with the guy and vice versa, the wife knows and doesn't approve, she wants to marry him, but after a lot of thinking, he decided to quit. Hmm..kinda typical, ain't it? Now, she's blaming the whole population of male for being selfish. Well, she does have a history with selfish men. I don't blame her for thinking that. The intriguing thing is, many a times woman of her age will try to find a partner who already tied the knot with another woman. I dont mean all women but, some. Why? Is the population of men of the same age or a few years older is not good enough or rather somehow doesn't fit the bill? What do they want actually? And what is this thing bout infidelity and turning down the poor girl just like that? Maybe I'll delve into that soon. Guys, waddya think? No, I'm not doctor Phil...
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Saturday, February 26, 2005

It's a hazy business

Finally, the word is out. We are experiencing slight to moderate haze due to the hot weather and forest fires. In our country alone, about 80 sq km of forest has been burnt (thanks abang bomba for putting it out!) and I don't really plan to stir the memories of haze that we had before nine years ago. It was terrible. School had to be closed (yeay!), regular activities were disrupted and health condition worsened. Luckily, I survived it without getting asthma or anything.

The National Environment Agency of Singapore has declared El Nino. Over the past few days, the number of hotspots (not the WiFi area ah!) in Kalimantan and Sumatra has increased significantly. They also expect the conditions to be dry up till October. Whereas here, Pak Lah 'has told us to be careful'.

I went out a while ago to do some business at the post office, and I was surprised (and baffled) to see the haze. Darn. I hate conditions like this. The heat I can stand but the haze? There is no way I'm going to have a decent run in an evening like this.
Usualy from my place, I can see the majestic Twin Towers.
But not today. That's how bad it is. I wonder if this condition stays or become worse, will the KL International Marathon be postponed? What about the F1? The organisers said that the current condition is nothing to be bothered and the fans will be in for an exciting race. Hmm..
As I'm typing this, there's thunder roaring in sky, and a few drops of rain came trickling on my awning. Oh rain, my saviour! Baca lagi!

Friday, February 25, 2005


Went out of town for a while. Actually this is my second time for the second consecutive week. This week, im of to kuantan. Well, having lived here before, there's not much anticipation bout it. Maybe just the feeling of going out of town makes it a lil something.
So the drive was quite pleasant, in terms of drivability. The new highway is ready and smooth. No more sudden hiccups cos of you know going thru towns and all. Now, the drive has changed into an experience similar to driving the North-South Expressway. Just the traffic is a lot less. I think the Govt have made a good effort in building the new highway. Not like the highway is meant for govt supporters only but it can seriously cut travelling time (just 2.5 hours from KL!) and also reduce the accident rate--I hope. Which brings me to an acciedent happened en route to Kuantan. I dunno wat happened, it guess the bugger on the other side of the road rammed into the middle railings and--you've guessed wat happened--but nobody died. Seriously, the speed of 110km/h is a tad slow on this particular highway. Maybe its because there's not much traffic kut. So you feel the urge to get the driving over with. I'll continue later....

So the next day, I feel the urge to do some running. Woke up at 6:30, solat Subuh and all, and zoop!... out the door. I have chosen the route carefully so that I can cover at least 8k that day. I went out the hotel, and head straight to Teluk Chempedak!

The route I tell you, is anything but walker friendly! Almost no sidewalks are awailable! Such an daunting experience to have. Kuantan, being the prosperous city of Pahang, lack of sidewalks? Simply unbelievable. Seems like they have planned (did they?) the city to be vehicle-friendly only. Well I'm not hoping there will be sidewalk all the way to TC but at least here and there? And so, I battled my way with other motorists who gawk at me like they have never seen a man running before. It's true. I looked 'em in the eye. Dammit. All they expect is to excel in sports, want to have a sport culture and heck, they even want sports to be deemed important in universities they but when they see a [insert expletive] man runs, they [expletive] stare like they never seen one. Nonetheless, I agree with what the govt wants to do now, which is to cultivate sports a a part of living. A long way to go before we can have our own Rooney though. 18 and rich.

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