Sunday, April 15, 2007

A' Famosa Tri

No, i wasnt part of the competitors last April 8th. I was merely a spectator. Kinda reminding me the feelings i got while watching Langkawi Ironaman in 2004. Spirits were high, kagum, and everything. Well enuf of me.

Most importantly, met with lots of frens in the gang. I was apparently there for work coz i had to work that day. But hey, who else could write better, provocative race reports than a triathlete himself? hehehe... read it here

Plus, there's a lot of photos to be taken when youre not competing. Ok, bukan aku yang amik tapi our company punya photographer. I want to post it somewhere, but its not yet edited. Hold on ya..


Got a call from Sabb, telling the other gang wants to come down to melaka and lepak, ikan bakar and stuff. What? really ah? Aku set aja. Come and waste away in this, uh, historic place?
Ikan bakar and a stay over is a good plan guys. Ill be your official tourguide and hope i wont bore you with the place. Hahah!

Melaka ni ok la actually. Tak banyak traffic jams altho few places are quite far to reach. Its not actually far, but its long and winding road. Ada satu je overhead road kat Melaka ni FYI.
So, cant wait you guys to come! Baca lagi!