Saturday, October 29, 2005


Memandangkan Raya dah dekat, orang pun sibuk nak balik kampung and aku pun takde duit nak antor kad raya bebanyak,


Kepada kengkawan (not in any particular order), grunge, fahi, fiza, yan, bee, Geng Projek, codie, amir, lan, maza, syima, ochid, kett, bob, aidil, conda, bebudak sdar dan usm yang aku kenal.

Kepada azwar, ajeep, bacin, haris, rohaizad, dan semua runners.

Kepada bebudak fitness first yang ada lagi, ex-bos aku kat samanea, pengurusan key message, suhardi dari shout acs, and bahagian komunikasi korporat tnb.

Kepada mak dan abah.

Kepada sepasang ibu bapa tu, pukullah lagi anak ko sampai lebam.

Kepada semua yang baca blog ni, maaf zahir batin kalau ada terkasar bahasa, terkutuk, ter'boring', dan sebagainya.

Baca lagi!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Maybe the 'year' hasn't ended yet...

Thinking about doing the KL International Triathlon this 13th Nov at Tasik Titiwangsa. Hehe, will be running around the lake, in the city in-- mind you, swimming trunks! Heck what did I just said? Thinking? Yang pegi ride memalam buta tu training pebenda? For sure I will join! So that means, another event, another medal. Like I'm sure if I could finish it.

After the race, I'm contemplating of having a post-race party at Planet Hollywood that night. Yes, Planet beb. Betul. Tarak sombong punya. Baru la rasa macam Kona sikit kan. Btw, ada special event that nite that will sure to tickle you crazy. So sesiapa yang berminat, move your butts Tasik Titiwangsa and Planet Hollywood that day for a blast! At the entrance of Planet, just say you're a friend of mine.


Ajeep dok angau frame Look. Haha. Anyway, the frame is nice looking and heck, its carbon! For 3 grand, I personally think its worth the money. The dropouts seems 'replacable' if broken. More plus points.Then after you have this frame, tak padan la dengan gruppo Sora. Must have Ultegra! Muahaha ==>evil laugh. Why? Because boleh aku dapat Sora dia! Muahaha again. As for me pulak, lepas aku dapat Sora Ajeep, then only I will think about another frame. My Canonndale. Ohh. Kalau tak pun Trek Equinox pun bolehlah. Ceh. Berangan mat jenin. Untuk pengetahuan anda, penulis menaiki basikal besi buatan Slovakia yang berat nak mampus. Sila lawati . Azwar cakap kalau aku naik basikal ringan mesti laju punya. Kan best kalau betul...

Alamak, dok cerita ceriti pasal basikal, running shoes tu dah berapa kurun? Hmm lets see. I think its 2 years old. Or about. Same age as my active life. Hah! Very setahun jagung! A lot more should be expected from my shoes... Baca lagi!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Lapar dan gelap

Tak bangun sahur. Lagi. Semua gara-gara nite ride which usually end at the wee hours of the morning. Lepas ni kena tune balik tido.


Gelap giler kat luar. Hujan kerap sekarang ni. All because the Intermonsoon thing. Its actually a transition from one monsoon to another. Expect frequent thunderstorm accompanied by heavy rain during late afternoon and early night. Total amount of rainfall should be.......

oi ingat aku ni weather channel ka?

Tapi bila hujan, selalu angin kuat. Masa ride Saturday, kena tolak ngan angin almost knocked us off our bikes. Kuat!


Apsal la KeyMessage ni tak bayo lagi aku nih? dah nak raya ni agak-agak la. Kang aku hantar hamper raya buat perli kang baru tau. Pekerja picisan cam aku ni nak gak raya, or something like it.


Apsal aku rasa nyampah gila ha? Kha kha khaa persetankan orang lain. Insignificant others! Baca lagi!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

What did you do last night?

We snuck away, three crazy guys whose lives typically orbit the poles of, something. At about 10, we rendezvous at the usual spot. Though the sky was intermittently blazing with lightning, we cranked away. Wishing that the heavens would wait before showering us.

Almost oblivious to the landmarks, our worlds reduced to the smell of the night's chilly air, the rasp of our breathing, our blinking tail lights.

Almost 2 hours and 40km later, the heavens finally opened up. As we packed our bike, talking about how the ride went, the rain kept on pouring. While the chilly night air bit at our damp skin, we talked the night away.

At 3am, we parted our ways and I just realized, that I clocked an extra day of life. I dont mean to gloat, but I am. Baca lagi!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Knocked off

I dont feel well today. In fact, it all started last nite. Panas semacam.

Planned to ride this morning. Blarhh. Sahur pun tak terbangun. When I woke up, its like ada batu in my head. Shit. Sakit some other time la.

Gotta rest a bit today. Baca lagi!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Got my lazy ass cycling this morning. Went to Melawati and back. And guess who else was exercising. Angah, Grunge's lil sis. Haha. Woi jalan-jalan tak aci la!

Made a mistake by going out at 7. Orang berduyun-duyun drove to work. And to make life harder for me, every inch of the road diorang nak pakai. Come on la, leave some for bike and motorbike to menyelit. But seeing the look on their faces (the drivers) when i zoomed pass them on my bike, was absolutely priceless.
"Hoi, harga minyak dah naik and I'm faster than you--at times!"
Macam la aku kayuh laju sangat...


To the pakcik who doesnt eat rendang minang because its not 'melayu', fak off la! Minang osso rumpun melayu la you ignorant pisshead!


To Faris Al-Sultan who just won the Ironman Championship last Saturday, watchout for this kid.

Hopefully he'll turn out to be a good kid. Baca lagi!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Dark, wet and slippery.

Dont get any ideas. Its our bike ride yesterday night. We, me; Azwar; Ajeep and Julian, went for a long ride at Putrajaya. The heavy rain before did not deter the four of us from doing a 90k ride (I did only 60 of it), although it subsided to a drizzle just before we head off. Supposedly start at 10pm, but thanks to me, we were off at around 10:30.

According to Azwar, its just an easy ride. Yeah, of course it is. But the bump in mileage for me is almost a tad too much to handle. You see, the longest i've ever ridden before was 40k. Now, after a considerably long layoff, 60k seems almost too much. And being a bit busy during the day is not helping at all. Ahh, I'm just whining. Woi! But I managed to do it nevertheless. Semangat Ironman! heheh..

It was, pure fun. The feeling of spinning the pedal on every climb, at night, after rain was simply orgasmic. Ok, I'm maybe strecthing it too far -- but it was good, even there were at times my legs are killing me.

After the ride, I've concluded that I'm not at my best condition, ever. This time last year, I was preparing for Singapore Marathon and I can still do interval runs during the day. This time around, kaput. Bongok. Buduh dush! dush!

Click the pix to see 4 orang gile kayuh di Putrajaya sampai pukul 3:30 pagi courtesy of Kuda Belang:


I've changed my tube twice today. Gilo. And this is my first time ever changing a bike tube. Tukar tube motor pernah la. And using my kepakaran menukar tiub motor, I managed to puncture one with my tools. Hahah.. eh, there's always the first one kan? I'm soo gonna buy another spare tomorrow. And apsal kena tukar tube at the first place? Because I ferociously pumped my tyre till the presta valve bent and broke. Hahaha again. Tu la dia akibat semangat sangat. But thanks to Azwar, Ajeep n Jules for the ride last night. It was such a motivation. Baca lagi!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Kona, Hawaii.

This is the view of Ironman Village in Kona, where hundreds of participants of the 2005 Ironman World Championship will wait for the starting gun approximately 4 days from now. Ironman Hawaii is regarded as the Holy Grail of Ironman, in which Ironman is regarded by some as the mother of endurance sport.

And hell, they're having a blast out there! The picture above, taken during Ironman Parade recently, shows that you can always have fun before tormenting yourself over 10 hours of endurance activity.

As for me, I want to do my Ironman in Kona someday. Kona, its like the Mecca for Ironman. How bad do I want to go there? As much as I want to go to Mecca itself. I will probably compete in Langkawi Ironman 2 years from now. Hey, you gotta start somewhere, rite? You gotta live your life to the fullest. When you've reach a certain point in your life, you'll be asking, "What's next?". So, what is life after Ironman? I dunno. Ask me later. I'm not there yet. I still have a long way to go.

What is Ironman? It's not just a sport which consist of 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42km run. Its a display of courage, determination and passion of mere mortals. I shed some tears watching last year's Ironman. Young; elderly; mothers; fathers; teachers; doctors; those who aren't so lucky that their bike broke; physically challanged people; those doing it for fundraising, crossing the finish line after giving what they've got. These people arent pro's. They're just like you and me. At the beginning of the race, they are recognised by their numbers. But do they want it to stay that way at the end of the day? No, they want to be known as an Ironman.

ps: Azwar, im going to hold on to your words! Baca lagi!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Good morning teacher!

Do you remember the one teacher or lecturer that everytime he(or she, i just malas to type) teaches, everything that came out of his mouth sounds meaningless to you? Or the one that bore you to death everytime he's holding the mic? Well maybe, just maybe these teachers need some refresher course on how to teach.

I once had a lecturer who seemingly talks to himself in front of the crowd. How boring this dude was. I think he still is. And not surprising, my grades for his papers arent that good. Ok la, there are those who made good grades but his effect on his teaching to me is ziltch. Nada. Zero. Lepas kelas dia aku pegi library cari his buku rujukan and read. Thats it. Oh yea, I once confronted him and asked what can I do by learning this? (It was on the subject of media power) I cannot fight the system? And he goes "its not what you can do about the system. OK?" But I still stood there waiting for a definite answer. He doesnt look like giving one. Oi, reach out la brader. Your student is in dire need of knowledge here!! After that, I never asked him another question again.

Anyway, an authoritative figure in education once said that education should not be exam oriented. So memang aku tak kisah sangat. Hahah. But this sort of teachers, they should be given a wake up call la. Jangan ingat nak jadi lecturer so dapat geran buat research and other stuff, balik awal so boleh tengok telenovela kat tv, till teaching becomes secondary. Anak murid ko tidur kat blakang lecture hall mesti ada sebab. Reach out to the masses. The masses are students. Ini tak. Bukak OHP, explain lebih kurang and then ask, "semua faham?" Faham la for about 20 minutes. After that kaput.

I never stop learning. Never want to. To be in the know is very the best. hahah. But the more you know, the more you dont know. Haa. Think bout it. Baca lagi!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Of bargaining and killer traffic.

I noticed that kl-ites like to bargain even for food. What, bargaining for food? Well maybe its odd to me but to them its a norm. But then again, Ive never bargained for food. "Pakcik, nasik goreng tu singgit boleh-lah". adake?
Of coz bargaining is good in business. But bargain la benda lain. Tikar ke. Kereta ke. Kasut ke. Ini makanan. Perluke? Yes i know that prices have gone up the roof but your pay is still the same. But heck, this is what you eat. Be thankful you can have it.


Come bulan posa, people are lining up to get out of their office as early as possible. This is of course for a number of reasons.
  1. trying to get home early.
  2. trying to beat the traffic.
  3. trying to beat the other person who tries to beat the traffic.
  4. they dont like to work.
Oh for gods sake, its a vicious cycle lah! No wonder ramai yang buka posa in the car (possibly by picking their noses, haha!) with a ciggie. Lepas tu marah-marah sebab jam. Oi orang lain pun posa jugak la! And not forgetting our non-muslim frens, even they took the opportunity to cabut awal. So try to avoid being a blardy bastard on the road, ya. And bawak bekal kurma next time. Korek idung is not a nice view la.


Got my dose of stimulants yesterday. Yeah Im on drugs. Got it along ulu klang rd. Yes, i did a bike ride. I went off at about 730am while thinking that not many traffic yet. Rupanya makan asap. Lorries and pesky 2-stroke bikes (i once own a 2-strokey, dual exhaust!) giving me a flavourful of smog. Flavourful cos their 2-stroke oil tend to be fragrant (Shell VSX smells the best!).Nonetheless, it was a slow and easy ride. But people along the couldnt help giving me the look, especially at melawati. Yes its the look "tak puasa ke budak ni?". Biasa la tu, when you dont conform with others, you will be regarded as weird. Aah pegi mampus dengan ko punya look.

Supposedly today i have a ride with Azwar and Ajeep and Jules at putrajaya. But since hujan yang amat best pagi tadi, i decided that tido lagi best la oi! hahah. Korang pegi ke tak tadi? Hopefully lain kali boleh ikut up to 60k. Maklum la, saya naik basikal kicap jek. Baca lagi!

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Breaking fast yesterday, consists of a shitload of sweet cincau drink and a piece of kuih. Thats it. Too tired to think about food.

Got home, guzzled more water in the form of air tebu which i got half a jug for free, a piece of kuih bantal peluk and some plain water.
I cant remember whats the color of my piss.
No, I'm not suffering from hyponatermia but the idea of having it somehow flashed into my mind. Sort of poisoning yourself from an unpoisonous substance, eh? Stay away them water bottles from me.

This morning, skipped sahur coz too tired (and devestated?) to wake up. So its another endurance test today.


I think I'm catatonic lately.
Wow, isnt it good to know that youre about to go crazy, and youre aware of it?


A lite n easy bike ride planned for this Sunday. Azwar, Ajeep and some penguins will join. An easy 60k of Putrajaya, according to them. If I were to do a 60k, sure tak posa punya!
Maybe this is just what I need. Maybe I'll join.


After some apologies have been made, I felt better. Dunno whether apologies accepted or not. Come on, forgive this crazy fart this time eh? Baca lagi!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Argh...what a headache. Maybe its too hot today.
Or perhaps ive been sitting too long in front of the monitor.
What to do, duit beb.

...buckle up straight Jack,
sanity is such a drag,
jelly bean, thorazine,
trancedental jet lag,
sanity, I ain't gotta,
feeling like a Pinata,
sucker punch-blowin lunch,
I'm feeling like I'm gonna explode...

Baca lagi!