Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm a...

I’m a triathlete! That is exactly what was printed on the back of a triathlon t-shirt. But I’m not going to talk about how the shirt printer made a mistake or whatnot, I just miss the feeling of the event. The butterflies before the race. The sleepless night before it added with gusts of wind from Selat Melaka (I seriously thought it’s going to be a storm that night). I miss racing.


Went to ‘visit’ some ol’ friends at FF yesterday. They still remember me. Even the janitor does. Lots of new faces. But seeing ol faces brings back good memories. Even though a short one, its sweet. Listened to some gossips about what happened to who. Amy did fill me in on that. That cute Penang lass is now at The Curve. Wait till the end of the month.


Finally, I got to meet Juj! I’ve known her for like ages – close to 10 years – but we’ve never met. Crazy. How did I know her ah? Yes, the faithful internet. At that time mIRC was the ‘in’ thing to do. I remember being caught sneaking out from school to go to a cybercafe. Hahah.

Neway, she had a rather unsual kind of relationship – which I wont disclose here – with her BF that to me, is a movie material. Okay la, drama swasta material. That, if I can come up with the scripts. But, the way you survived the “short, sweet and excruciating” relationship was, amazing. I couldnt be in your shoes anytime. Hands down.

She told me almost everything while we downed the pizza and cesars salad. I told her once, I downed a cesar salad and a plate of pasta in a single sitting at CPK. She couldnt believe me. Of coz I did. That was AFTER i ran 13 laps KLCC park. Equivalant to almost 17k. At that time (2004) I was preparing for my maiden half-marathon. So it’s considered hebat la for me. Hahaa. Neway, u go gurl!

Baca lagi!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Blardy keyboard

Darn. My blardy old keyboard acted up on me. But i dont think its the keyboard. Most probably its motherboard problem. Shit. Now I have to type using that orang cacat thingy (windows on-screen keyboard). Im typing slow as snail. Lucky im typing this from another location.

Arghhhh..weeks and weeks of no physical activity! This is blardy getting on my nerves. Must do something bout it. I dont want to be a weekend warrior though. MUST DO SOMETHING.
Gym maybe? Hmmm..still thinking over it.

Tak nak ketinggalan jauh. Azwar dah boleh main kejar mengejar with his group. Ajeep got a new Kuota bike. I can grab his bike if the price is right. But, that one nanti dulu. Then the time comes, sambar.


Eus, jangan makan apple pie McD banyak sangat. Gemuk tau. Hahaha.. Baca lagi!

Friday, March 24, 2006


Some grafitti i found while in bangsar. The voice of rakyat. Momentary freedom of speech, before its painted over.
Sometimes i wonder, siapa yg buat all these?

Baca lagi!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Something's gotta give

Teruk ni. Cant rely on weekends just to break a sweat. But then, how?

Kim got 22nd for Triathlon in Commonwealth Games. Ok la. First try. Plus, She was racing with top names like Emma Snowsill and that Luxford.


Supposed to get some ice cream yesterday, but that someone had something going on so, no ice cream. Instead, F n F dropped by. Went out for lunch at spender, then proceed with movie at Midvalley. Huh, dekat sangat. T'was V for Vendetta. If you like the arts of the Wachowski bros. then you'll like this one coz its their work together (again) with Joel Silver. The story? Its about people power. No government is powerful without its people.

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

Topple the government? Unless its a totalitarian one, then we shouldn't. But the movie also highlights the age-old issue of the role of media in the government. They dont fabricate stories. They just tell the mass what they are being told : the lies from politicians. Sounds very familiar, eh?

Zainuddin Maidin had lambasted the 'pop journalism' culture which emphasized on sensational, sensitivities and globalisation issues. Come on la, thats a pile of crap. Unless he reads Bacaria or Warta Perdana.

OK, tell me if this is something sensational or politically challenging: A couple were suspicious of having sex in a government office after work. Her panties was left behind on the meeting room chair.
ps: I know this happened.

Imagine the impact if one were to publish this story. That particular department is going to get hell from the PM and the opposition party. But sex sells, dont they? Baca lagi!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Tired. Legs are tired from too much walking.
Tummy is tired from too much eating.
I bet my eyes are getting sharper everyday from squinting too much to see 'some details somewhere.'
So I decided to start half of my day today at home.
Mind you, 3 minutes after I'm off my bed, I'm already sitting in front of the pc. And it was 10 am.

No time for slackers. Bob Woodward was only 9 month in the job with Washington Post when he unearthed the Watergate scandal with Carl Bernstein. He was still wearing neckties at that time.
As for me, I will do it from anywhere, anytime.
Gotta make some calls. Baca lagi!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Jalan-jalan KL

Buskers entertaining people coming from LRT station to KLCC. Hardly people realise that somebody is playing music in the tunnel. They look away as if their money will be robbed by these guys...

If these walls could talk... surely there'll be lots of stories to tell. These walls belongs to Pudu Prison which was closed in October 1996. Now, it awaits to be turned into a commercial area. Another predator of the consumers.

You only need a stool, a basket and tongs. This kid sells karipap at Masjid Jamek LRT. Hang in there kid, I've been there. Baca lagi!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sons of bitches

My cat Jerry died last nite. Severely mutilated by no less than 10 stray dogs. I could do nothing at that moment for I was in the loo. Damn dogs.

Jerry has been with us since 1993/94. She'll be the one who bising banyak during meal time.
Arghh...cilaka punya anjing. Im gonna wait for you tonite with a blade tied to a stick and Im gonna slash em all. Bitches. Baca lagi!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Pablo Neruda

Where did I hear his name, this Pablo Neruda? Ah yes, in the movie Il Postino. It was a lovely movie, not the mainstream kind though. I faintly remember the story. Its about a boy who the only job he knows is fishsing, but he doesnt want to. So he became a mailman. He eventually got to know Neruda who's visiting there and he learnt from him. Then theres some love story between the boy and a girl. And so on.

Hmm..bila nak tengok citer best lagi ni? Lets check what's playing in cinemas now...aiyoh, Garasi and Main-main Cinta je? Citer omputeh tak payah cakapla. Tapi citer Melayu berkualiti takde ke bulan ni? Setakat nak tengok Misha Omar kat silverscreen tak payah, hari-hari boleh tengok. Bukan yang real la tapi kembar seiras. You know who you are. Hahah..


Ayang's housewarming party was great. She had some tahlil and all (which I missed) prior the bbq and a great round of Pictionary. Best gilak! I teamed up with ayang coz my gewe kontrak wasnt around (pity her, she was feeling sick) and we won! Aku jadi tukang teka most of the time and ayang was a great drawer. Tak la cun pun, but descriptive. Thats the key to the game. Sabb, bila nak main lagi?? Lupa nak amik gambar how ayang drew 'The Silence of The Lambs'. Klakar giler. Theres a picture of a man putting a finger to his mouth and a lamb that had pointed ears that looked more like a cat. Hahaha... tapi kita menang kan?? I cant stop laughing remembering that.... Baca lagi!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

These digits dont lie

...and so does the sunburn on my arms. The incredible me went almost 99km up bukit Ampang-Hulu Langat right until Semenyih Dam and back. Actually I overshot the rendevous point by some 2-3km. Terlajak bai!

Ok let me remember how painful the ordeal was...

Azwar, Ajeep bon-bon and I started at Ampang Point around 8 am. Few minutes later, found myself climbing the painful bukit Ampang-Hulu Langat. As always, I'm left behind la. What do you expect, basikal besi maaa! Approximately 1 km into the climb, aku sudah koyak. Stopped for a while for some nyawa. Then continued for another km or so. And then Azwar backtracked. Continued uphill right until habis climb section. At that time, meter baru nak masuk 10km. Gila tak?

Sampai Hulu Langat bt 14, Toing joined us. The terrain was undulating with few 'good' climbs right until bt 18. Then came the majestic view of Semenyih Dam.

With the view, came a series of long gradual climb. Azwar was kind enough to backtrack almost 10 times during the course for me. Besarrr hati Azwar. Dah, puji sesikit cukup. Kembang bontot plak.

Lepas Semenyih Dam, aku ternampak satu rest/recreational area penuh ngan bas sekolah and all. But I didnt see any of the guys. Aku pun kayuh la selow selow. Sekali dah masuk hutan getah mana ntah. Sekali tgk belakang, Azwar dok panggil aku. Hah! Terlajak! Nasib baik tak sampai Johor. At that time , cramps was setting in my quads. Giler sakit like I've never felt before.

After recovering with nasik lemak, we set off back. I said to myself, "I'm gonna just finish this". The meter was 45-ish km at that time. So kayuh lah aku dengan selow and steady nyer untuk mengelakkan cramps. Because kalau cramp teruk, dah takleh kayuh. Kalau takleh kayuh, tak boleh balik la. Then how now brown cow?

All the way back to bt 14 was ok but the cramps are creeping in slowly whenever theres a climb. Even the slightest climb pun dah terasa. Babi betul la. Inilah padah tak mengamalkan latihan berterusan. Then we stopped for air tebu and ayaq nyok.

After air tebu, continued back our journey. To my surprise, another gilababi cramp attacked. Tersadai aku dekat bus stand tepi jalan tu. Urut-urut. Stretch sikit. Rasa dah ok sikit, aku sambung. Makcik dua orang yang tunggu bas tu dok tengok je aku.

Sampai kat masjid bt 14 tu, diorang dah tunggu. Aku cakap, rasa cam takleh panjat je nih. But Ajeep n Azwar kept encouraging me. So, jalan je la.

Baru lima minit panjat, cramp giler. Berhenti. Aku amik keputusan, tolak basikal. Dalam kepala hotak aku, aku nak je tahan lori and tumpang sampai Ampang. Tapi aku pikir, tak Ironman la camni. Hahahah! So menolak basikal la aku sejauh 2-3km. Sampailah Azwar backtrack. Tukar basikal dengan dia. Cuba kayuh gak. Tak sampai seminit, cramp balikkkk. Cilakak. So aku pun tolak la basikal dia tu. So adds up, aku tolak basikal dalam 5 km ada kut.

Dah lepas bukit tu, time turun baru boleh aku ride balik. Sampai Ampang dekat Kosas, aku telah tergolek bodoh kat traffic light. (Nota: Ini amalan biasa bagi mereka yang berbasikal di kawasan traffic light. Ajeep pun penah kena kut, hihihii) Sebenarnya lampu aku nak hijau dah, tetiba ada motor keluar dari wrong way. Menggelabah la aku nak unclip pedal. Dush! Tergolek. To add salt to injury, kena pulak cramp on the spot. Aduh saliha.

Sampai Ampang Point pukul 3-ish. Badan dah hitam. Dalam kepala nak makan nasi ayam and then dip into an ice bath. Malam plak ada gathering kat rumah Ayang+Ubie. Pergh... Baca lagi!