Sunday, September 17, 2006

Blow dried

Well, in a normal working life of a person, one ought to get the hair drier treatment from their bosses.

I just had mine recently. It just a simple miscommunication, really. And the move behind it was political. Uh, how I hate politics. Dirty, filthy politics. And politicians. And those who are in their payrolls. Perhaps I'll get a memo from my boss soon. Who knows. Well, shit happens. We just learn how to dodge them.

Sometimes the blow drying can be a bit on the emotional spectrum. Where the criminal is petty, the punishment can sometime be over la sangat...tapi takpe. Biasa la. Nak idup. Kena la tahan. Baca lagi!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Harta Qarunnn

Yes, yours truly here went on a tresuer hunt - a personal first - from KL to Penang! The experience was awesome, apart from the snail rate driving of our driver, and the fact that our team was DQ'ed, we made it to Penang!

The hunt was organizedby MAHB specially to the medias, with RM80 for fuel. Huh, bodek la tu. We - four of us - started good in KL, where most of the Q's were answered. Then we move on towards Bidor. That was where it all began. The question was just difficult! We made a quick decision head to next destination.
Not long before, we were just too tired to solve the q's. Jawab jugak la tapi our mind was just too tired. I just want to get to Penang.

Next stop was Taiping. I studied there for a year, and this should be no problem for me, or so I thought. There, we only managed to answer 2 out of 5 q's! Such a bummer! Then we head straight to Penang where we only have 1 hour left before the cut-off time.

We arrived at the Penang International Airport just seconds before the cut-off time. And theres 3 more q's to answer at the airport. We skipped it. We went straight to the MAHB training centre - the finish line. And as we expected, we were not in the winners list. Oh well..

But I win. I win for I get to eat fresh ikan bakar and penang famous char kuew teow. Hahah..gluttony! We went scouring for food later that night and I was the guide. Hey, 6 years of life in Penang should entitle me to do so kan? hehe... We went ot makan ikan bakar near jabatan Marin. Wanted to go eat somewhere else better, but we were just too tired. Lepas makan dua ekor ikan bakar, i wanted to satisfy myself (hmm..) with char K. teow pulak. Siap beli bungkus besar tuu!

The trip was great, an escape for me actually. I wanted to go somewhere. Needed to. Boringlah.

Not forgetting, at the same time with my hunt, my triathlete friends were on their own hunt for glory in Desaru Triathlon and also Putrajaya Marathon. Well done! Baca lagi!