Sunday, January 14, 2007

Panic @ the office!

Yes. Yours truly here had a panic attack at the office today. Why you might ask? Because i dont freakin know what to do today! Usually there will be events lined up for us to cover. But today, NADA. ZERO. YILEK. So, i panicked.

I arrive early in the office, around 10 just to breeze thru the newspaper, hoping to get a lead to write. There's one. Lucky. But still, i have to go out and look for something to write. At about 12pm, I went out with my trusty volvo. Kereta buruk la, bukan S40. Nothing particularly interesting to write about. So i went back to the office. Hmm..I was thinking to kill myself if i couldnt find a news by 3pm. At the office, i sat down for a while, thinking.

A few minutes later, i went out again, hoping to find some news. OMG, this is really killing me. Then i figured: If Kelantan bureau could publish a stry about 'nasi longkang' yesterday, why not i do a story on cendol? Haha.... So if those sicko's in KL (read=bosses) ask me: "why on earth you write about this fella selling cendol, lah", then i would say, "Kelantan boleh, apsal saya takleh?"

Lucky me, my day was saved. I hate going to work without knowing what to do. Blearghh.. Baca lagi!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Eh, lupa plak...

Lupa plak nak perkenalkan. Inilah tunang saye...hehehe... Nama dia Johanna. Baca lagi!

Time really flies

Time really flies. Without even realising it, it has been two months since I first set foot on Malacca ground. And with that, it has been more than three months since I made any physical activities, let alone running or biking or heck, swimming. All because of work.

If in KL I used to be back at home by 8 something, just in time for gym or at least something, now at 8, ive just finish packing my stuff to go home. When to run? In the morning? Slim chance. Cycling? Bila la wei. Really miss doing runs/cycle with Azwar, Bacin, Ajeep, Grunge and everybody else.

But there’s more. There’s this boss in KL who kinda watches over us here in Malacca. He is an arse I tell you. To make things worse, he’a a Malaccan. Aint no shit. He likes to pester us with ridiculous demands just to make his state prominent in the paper. Duh. Get a life sucka. Or better, get your own paper.

He kinda kills the life out of the two of us here in Malacca. My colleague here, even contemplated leaving the company sometime in February or March because he couldnt handle the pressure anymore. Me? I’ll see how. I would really love to run again for sure. That will be among the factors, main factors for me to get a new lease of working life. Like I would to put it, ‘kalau ada peluang, sambar’.

Baca lagi!