Sunday, August 24, 2008

happy birthday, me...

Another year chucked off my life. 29 now. If masuk competition, this is the last year to be in the age group. Next year dah kena masuk junior veteran dah kut. Some may say i have another year before experiencing mid life crisis. The crisis so far for me is having to work my ass here in Melaka while my wife and soon to be born child in KL. It just dont click with me. I want to go back. And working here is like shit. Dah malas. Imagine not coming in the office for 3 straight days. But i somehow managed to send stories from the comfort of my rented house kan. My point is, I'm sick n tired of digging kos*mo's kinda of stories. All they ever want is 'tinjauan' this and 'tinjauan' that. I may have outgrown it, i guess. I am seriously hunting for a new vocation now. If else, i'll try to further my studies. Maybe. I dunno. But i need to get out of here fast. T.E.N.S.I.O.N. Aduh, bosan lah! Anyway, thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday. You guys will be at the back of my heart. And for kicks, I'll get the toy tank. How stupid useless things can satisfy you... Baca lagi!

Monday, August 04, 2008

It's August!

August comes again, and its time for me to splurge!. Why? Becoz me birthday (*aku suda tua) is just around the corner. About 19 days to come la. I feel like getting something for myself, which I rarely do lately. Eh btul ke? Ngehhhhh hehehe. Ada la kebenarannya sikit kecuali henfon Sony Ericsson yg amat best beberapa bulan lalu. But lately tadak la.. Beli kasut pun kena rembat kat masjid. Hampehs. Anyway, here is some of the choices that i have narrowed down for me to pick one. (Satu je la mana ada duit duh!).

  1. World Press Photo 2008 book. A collection of the best press photography all year long with pictures that will sure to move you. I saw one at Kino. (Edit: someone apparently bermurah hati nak hadiahkan this book to me, which up to now I dont know who lagik kan. But thank you!)
  2. Think-Tank Lens Changer 25. Easier for me to change lens during 'shoonting' la. Just drop it in and voila! Saw it at Keat (Pudu) and YL Pudu Plaza.
  3. Tank wants a tank! A Tamiya German Tiger 1, 1/16 scale model. Memang orgasmic giler tengok tank ni even inside its box. Imagine klau dapat tengok live? You have to live circa 1942 to be able to la kan. Tengok PT-91M menembak aritu pun dah best!
  4. And maybe...this may seem far fetched (money wise). A dry cabinet for my ever expanding lense collection. AIPO Digital Series AP-38EX Dry Cabinet. Keeps moisture out of my camera and lenses, so no lumut! They do lumut you know, more if in such humid weather as ours. I saw this at
So there it is. Good choices out of many junks that I often wished I had. Good, useful choices apa, kan? Jadi, item manakah yang akan menjadi milik saudara kita yang bertuah ini? Nantikan jawapannya!
Baca lagi!