Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Friends, lost and found

From time to time, you tend to 'drop' your friends somewhere along the way. You got posted to another city, friends got married, further their studies overseas, babies to take care of and the list goes on.
But in reality, they are there. Just a phone call away and an organized meeting, we shall meet. Though for a short while, it is enough to rekindle the memories that were stamped together in time.
Last Sunday and Monday, I met up with Grunge, Fahi, Ali and others for a drink. Grunge is geeting married next month, Fahi has been promoted, Ali is doing well in his biz, and me, I'm getting a baby.
It has been a while since we really meet and sit down for a chat. It all started out with Fahi. He called me up, and suggested we meet up. Later, he called Grunge to inform the meeting. Knowing Fahi, who is a biiig-hearted fellow, he went to pick up Grunge in Shah Alam, then me in Ampang. That, in my book ladies and gentlemen, beats any full-of-complaints-lazy-ass taxi driver in KL.
Come Monday, it was Eus's birthday. Lah, all the way from A Setar came down to celebrate his birthday at TGIF The Curve. Sabb, Nana and Kahlil, Iezma and hubby... We were there as well. It has been a while since we meet up. Even tho it was a short dinner party, it was fun. We even made a call to Emma who's in UK to talk to all pf us.
We didnt get anything for Eus as I was busy with my course during the weekend and Anne was busy working..so, Eus, your present got to wait. Haha.
In short, your friends, regardless wherever they are, is just a phone call away. Or in other way, might be just a IM away. They're not lost, just away. Baca lagi!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Syukur Alhamdulillah, seorang bayi sedang membesar dalam rahim isteriku, Anne sejak 6 minggu lalu.

Kami akan menjadi ibu-bapa. Hahaha..!!
Cam tak caya jek... Wish us the best! Baca lagi!