Saturday, August 12, 2006

Aiyoh busy-nya!

Work has been very, very busy lately. From the 4, only 2 left including me to do the work. Yang lagi 2 pegi kursus. Arghh... I must claim my OT!

Went to a village sometime last Tuesday. Their houses, their lands are going to be taken by the authorities to make way for DUKE highway. So, its ok la kan. But no. They are supposed to rent from DBKL a flat, and re-new the rent contract every 3 years. So, there's no guarantee that they will have a roof over their head, right?

The culprit is some politicians hiding behind his Minister master. He claimed to the public that he, and all the villagers has agreed to move out to make way for the project. But the things is, he is not even in the joint comittee of the villagers! So, who's voice is he speaking out? I think, aa udang di sebalik mee.

Since the land is going to be taken by the developer, there will be some part of it that wont be affected by the project. So, maybe he can somehow purchase it or kawtim with Datuk Bandar and make his own development there. An apartment, perhaps? And siapa untung?

This is very unfair. I tried to help them, as far as possible. Of course, DBKL is just doing their job. They, most probably dont know jack about what happened behind the scenes.

Their story was published yesterday (Friday 11/8).
People of Kg Semarak, Kg Loke Yew and Kg Padang Tembak, hang on.

Baca lagi!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Not a good sign...

Wnet for a walk this morning, and the pain at my right knee suddenly, just tingles. Actually I think I got it injured during the football game in Pilah, when I landed awkwardly on the hard ground. The back of my right knee just snapped.
Now, when I press at a certain spot there, it hurts a bit. Feels like swollen. Damn.
I need your help, Mobic. Baca lagi!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

PD Tri results!

Dengan bangganya mengumumkan, team aku dapat tempat ke-18 daripada 35 team, satu tangga di belakang Bacin.
Terima kasih kepada swimmer aku yang laju serta pelari yang berdesup. Tanpa anda, takdelah medal! Kih kih kih...
Eh medal tu kat sapa ek? Baca lagi!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Gatal nak main bola

It has been a long time since i played footie. Lama jugak la tak menyarung but Copa Mundial tu. At last, the time has come. Cucunda Yang Di-Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan ajak kitaorang main bola ngan diorang. In front of possibly hundreds of villagers in Kuala Pilah! Fulamakatak!

To cut the story short, kitaorang kena 6 bijik tanpa balas. MUahahah. But the best part was tackling one of the kerabats until they fall *bedebuk!* Dua kali pulak tu. Sampai the MC said: "Main jangan kasar sangat ah, ni tompek eden ni!"

After the game, head straight back to KL coz I offered Fahi to fetch him when he arrives from Kedah with bus. Time check: 730pm. Fahi should be arriving around 830. Traffic was gila babi from KP. The thing is i cant let him down kan. Dah janji. And plus, he is the kind of guy with big a heart. Mesti mau tolong punya. End up sempat amik dia. Well, what friends are for, right?

That match means I missed both Larian Utusan 10k and MMDS Putrajaya. I think if I were to take part in Putrajaya, mesti mati punya. Training tak cukup! Dah la race takleh drafting. Next target would be Powerman, Lumut. By that time, aku amik gak cuti , tak kira. Plus , boleh lepak Pangkor jap, like last year! Ehem..ehem..nak ikut? Baca lagi!