Saturday, May 27, 2006

Oh my...

What a week it was. Tired. Not tired from doing rides or runs--which I did none-- but from pile and pile and more pile of work.

When the hell am I going to get ready for July?? Tak sempat nih.

Now my nose a kinda runny. Sign of not enuff rest. Or I like to think so.

So today is Saturday. My day off. What shall I do?

Laze around on my ass. Coz tommorow is a day off as well. Yahuu.

Time for a long ride. Maybe to Tg Malim.

Hey, donut girl, where's ur donuts? hahaa....

Gang Projectz, how r u guys holding up? Baca lagi!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Maya Karin is sooooo hot! I saw her last nite in the show Ratu Sehari. Not that I am about to meet mine in the near future, but I sorta flipped to that channel coz there not much interesting stuff to watch last nite.

Btw, Sabbs photographer for her wedding (Adan) was featured in the show. Some talent those bunch of people. Certainly will look for them when my time comes.

Everybody went to PD last weekend! Azwar went there for a reunion. Geng projek went there for picnic. Me? Stuck in da office. Duh.

Azwar cycled his way to PD. Gee..I wish to do that soon.

As for geng projek, I heard they had lotsa fun despite arriving late. Well, there will be some other time, I hope.

And to you who silently read this, go easy on the donuts. Hehe... Baca lagi!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


No that aint some sort of institution that you can join in. Its not even the name of a new tech gadget either. Its the the motherload of pain that has been bugging me after I run.

Iliotibial band syndrom. Its the ligamen that runs right down from your butt to your shin. When it comes down to the knee, it becomes narrow and some rubbing with the bone can occur. And that equals nagging pain.

Yesterday after my very short distance run (4k, duh!) my ITB started acting up again. Darn. Its just 4k!! Not even 10!!! I left the gym half limping coz it hurts.

Today, everytime I start to walk I stretch my ITB just to ease the pain. It helps luckily.

My guess is that there's some scar tissue there that keeps rubbing against the bone. Scar tissue. Remedy? Cortisone injection. Ahh...i heard it weakens the knee. Aduh...

I hate this pain!! Baca lagi!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I'm at it again

After almost a week of rest n recovery from Langkawi, I was cycling again yesterday.

It was a nite ride in Putrajaya. Alone.

The weather compromised with me. It was cool (it was pouring a while back) but there were no signs its gonna rain.

Ahh...solitude. A good 30-40k I guess. I just need to get it out of my system.

Best bit: I outran a Kelisa at the traffic light right to the next traffic light. Haha. Im just making myself feeling good here. Wait till I get my hands on that 'Bebola Biru'. Maybe I can outrun a Putra. Baca lagi!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tribute to my shoe

I lost my shoe at the Island of Eagles. Not that it was stolen but, its life ended there. In the thick mud of Tuba beach.

The most memorable thing was, I was running around with only one shoe with its sole intact. The other one, kaput midway the race. Stuck in the mud at the beach while pulling the kayak to sea. But the race goes on.

Race? What race?

We ran,

did this......

and this..

and after more running....

Adventure race is crazy. Not as taxing (it could be) as a triathlon but, definitely fun. Baca lagi!