Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Finally, ek!

All was over and done with. Malas aku nak tulis all the nitty-gritty but suffice it to say that, from the quirky groom during nikah to the reception, it was a bravo!

Lots of good news during the wedding, but nobody stole nobody's thunder.

Dua hari in a row makan nasi briyani. Perut aku pun dah macam periuk briyani dah.
And not forgetting the 'mis-timed' Dr Azwan who thought the reception was at night. Melepas sangat. Dr Adnan was there too. Dr Azwan said, "I am 'lost' with the new students, unlike my former students (us la tu!)". Never occured to me we were that influential...

Well after this, the gang will be an extended one. More fun!

Our table marker, boleh?
Baca lagi!

Monday, January 30, 2006

It's time to start living again

I stole the title from a junk email that was sent to me. Regardless of its irrelevant contents, I guess the title somehow applies to me. (Oi I dont need Viagra to live again la!)

Got myself a bike jersey (never had one before), a new pedal, new bike shoe, in the process of acquiring a new grouppo (not new la, secondhand jer); wheels, and last but not least, a new ..... Great.

Just perfect. I'm gonna do my first ride of the year tomorrow. Giler jauh ketinggalan from the rest of the group.

Im going to train the best I can.
Im going to show up at races.
Im going to be in a certain shape-- maybe good maybe not.
I will try to add ice cream and pizza to my training.

Sofian will do Ironman Langkawi this 26 Feb. Pity I cant go volunteer or even watch. Maybe I can if I get a sponsored day-trip flight ticket. Wish. So good luck bro. All Ironmen/women inspires me. Baca lagi!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ampun Tuanku!

Susah ada anak raja kat rumah ni. Dari pagi sampai ke petang, semua tapak kaki anak raja mendarat di alas dengan sutera emas. Itu pun nak suruh orang lain buat keje dia, gi sana gi sini? Lemak. Kereta dah beli. Komputer dah beli. 2 lagi. Tak cukup pc nak laptop plak. Belajar tanak kat luar KL. Sebab takde Zouk, kot. Itu pun nak suruh orang buat itu, ini?

Kalau dah takde sapa esok, sapa nak cuci punggung kau?

In a thick Geordie accent I am saying to you, "Fuck-off!"

Bila aku nak berambus ni. Baca lagi!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Why ?

Why? Why do people who train hard day and night, exert themselves during a gruelling race, be hard done by something like brain tumor? Something like Lou Gehrig? Something like cystic fibrosis? Something like, dead sick?

Why all of that hard work wasted because of some illness?

Maybe its God’s way telling human that nobody is invincible.

I dunno. It just seem unfair to me.

I know of a person who was diagnosed with brain tumor. He said he hadnt much time left. Thing is, I raced with him once. Maybe more. But I vividly remember him during PD Tri. I was at the back of the pack during the swim. Then, he came from behind to me and asked if I’m ok. "Are you ok, Fitri?." I was struggling to float at that time. I said, “Don’t worry, I’m ok”. He swam on. I never caught him on the bike. Then, 2km into the run, I caught up with him.

You see, he is the kind that enjoys the active life. Trekking, running, tri and many more that I maybe not aware of. Read up his blog and you’ll see.

Funny guy la. Once I saw him race at the Poweman last year, he was selamber slowing his pace just to be running behind this one hot chic when he can easily overtook her.

Anyway, I hope you got your wish of doing an Ironman someday soon. I’ll try to wait for you at the finish line, Terence. Baca lagi!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bodoh bangang pundek

Engkau ni bodoh la. Kalau tak tinggal kotak rokok kosong bersepah atas meja orang tak boleh ke? Apa, engkau ingat aku ni orang gaji engkau?
Tak lama esok 'telor' engkau pun ko tinggal merata-rata. Baca lagi!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Axe rock

Killer melodies.
Dramatic intros.
Super killer solo guitar.
Multiple riffs of solo.
Ass kicking drum beats.
Music that have soul in it.

All that is rock man. Cant never get enough of it. Not just some lame ass one-tune band-ees that churn out almost the same drumbeat and riff every album (read: Offspring).

Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zep, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd (this one is psychedelic), Metallica (pre Load era), Aerosmith, Iron Maiden. Heck, even Tenacious D rocks.  

We have (or had) Sweet Charity, Lefhanded, Search, Wings, Crossfire, and dozens more.

Most of the names above are history. Some of em might be even dead. But is there no continuity? No more ‘rock kangkang’ follower? No more kids jamming Taming Sari by Wings? I bet you would get a surprised look from people outside the studio if you jam to that tune. “Lagu apa tuh?”, they would say.

It might not be cool to wear hotpants or tight jeans anymore, like The Darkness. But arent any local band out there following their musical footstep? Or the mind of every kids today is filled with MTV-material music like hip-hop and nu-age? I came across a disturbing fact from a Korn video that they opted to use hip-hop artist in their music video because traditional rock music video arent getting much airwaves. I am not surprised. Turn on MTV, and you’ll see lots of booty-shaking being done.

By the way, Oasis is coming to, yes, our neighbour Singapore. Malaysia tak rock, tak payah singgah.

And to the fickle minded law enforcer, layan rock and wearing black doesn’t mean we are worshipping the devil.

I have to be careful after this. I don’t wanna be caught while listening to Black Sabbath. Baca lagi!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Bottoms up!

(Virgin) Margarita

0.5oz Lemon juice
0.5oz Orange juice
1.5oz Sour Mix

Rub lime on the rim of glass. Dip it in salt to coat it.
Mix Lemon juice, orange juice and Sour Mix in a tumbler with some ice. Shake it until bubbly.
Pour into glass filled with ice.

Sour Mix recipe:

2.5 cups sugar
2 cups water
2 cups Lime juice (the mix should taste a bit tart. So adjust the lime/sugar ratio to your taste)
1 egg white

Make a syrup mix from the sugar and water. When cool, add Lime juice and egg white. Shake well. Refrigerate.

Drink responsibly! Baca lagi!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I'm no Superman

What is it with Johor women? Not that there's anything wrong with them, but im just curious. Especially when it comes to religion. On many accounts, I have come upon women from Johor (JB to be specific) that claim they are religously sound, yet they broke some of the simplest rule of it. Not that they killed or commit adultery, but still, defiance to the same laws that applies to everbody else. And this is just my personal observation. I am not lashing out at anybody here.

Example no. 1

Zainah Anwar, Executive Director of Sisters in Islam. At the young age of 51, this fiesty, single, women activist hails from JB. She said : “I know about Islam. I am from Johor, I went to sekolah agama when I was a girl, read Mutaal Badrin.”

How about that? Mutaal Badrin is a compulsary reading if you go to sekolah agama in JB, if Im not mistaken. I have tried reading it. Aint easy I tell you. But, count me out ‘coz im still jahil.

She went to the famous Sultan Ibrahim Girls School.

Example no.2

My sister-in-law. An esteemed architect by her standards, she too is from JB. As a mother and wife, her non-apparent traits of both has somewhat contradict to her upbringing. Heck, she even went to umrah when nobody in this household ever did. A bright star, but fades way too quickly.

She received her secondary education at Muzaffar Syah, Melaka where water could be scarce. Hence, showering probably not a routine activity. Hehe.

Example no. 3

My ex-girlfriend. She too, went to SIGS. Just like Miss Zainah. Well, im not going to talk much about her, ‘coz she might be reading this. Plus, I don’t have bad things to say ‘bout her. And, she too read Mutaal Badrin.

So what is the connection between the three of them? Maybe a lot. But I will just point one. None of them, abide the simple rule of covering up. Not their bodies. But their hair. Isnt that the simplest thing to do? If it’s the simplest thing to do, it might as well the simplest thing to not do.

But one woman stands out, and its Zainah. For crying out loud, you are the head of an organisation that fight for women rights. Muslim women rights. And yet, you are like that. Im not saying that you are on the wrong side of the river. Probably if I ask you why you don’t wear a jilbab, you might have a 1,000 answers that can render me speechless.

Liberal. Maybe that’s the word. So if liberal, than we can go out to clubs, party and all, and be back just in time for Subuh, right?

Baca lagi!

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Smell of sweat, motobike fumes and 'lok-lok' sauce, mixed together to form a distinct aroma of the New Year. The sight of huundreds of thousand people taking over the road; looking like a street mob in action, making it hard to move. Though it was raining earlier, the rain somehow 'conspired' with them organisers of concerts, rave parties,fireworks and what not to stop the rain and give way. Shuck. I was hoping the rain would get heavier, so there's no parties/concerts/fireworks so I can get on my own way. But, them organisers prevail, and KL was buzzing with activity. But most of them, endured traffic jams, and petulant smelly people just to watch the city hall waste some few thousand ringgit on foreworks, and leave.What a weird country this is. I am bereft of words to describe it. Baca lagi!