Thursday, December 27, 2007

Best giler!

A sleepless night driving, a huge family gathering and quite a feast in Penang, best giler! However, now im back in Melaka (arghh!), working and havent got the time to post the fab pixs from our trip...huh.

Be back in a while... Baca lagi!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A family affair

Officially, the family gathering will be held at Alor Setar today. A family gathering? Yeah. A BIG family gathering involving everybody from uncles, to cucu-cicit. Expect close to 300 people to attend.

What spark the interest to have this family gathering is the fact that you dont even know all your relatives, even if you just rubbed shoulders with them. That was the initial reason to have this gathering two years ago.

And to keep the family spirit alive, especially amongst younger generations--including me--the gathering will be an annual (God's willing) event.

Hey, get to know your extended families. Who knows, one of them might be a CEO of a big company that can help you! Baca lagi!