Friday, July 28, 2006

PD Tri..again!

Me, Bacin n JB gang with Azhar

It was a wonderful, albeit full satisfaction, experience. I did not race in the individual event due to lack of training. Kerja bagai nak rak, training apa! So, end up i cycled for a group set up by Azhar the mat salleh celup. Semua geng JB.

So to cut the story short, my kayuh was great! Not THAT great la, tapi ok la compared to my own expectations. Aku ingat, I can do it withing 2 hrs laa...sekali 1hr 26m!! Just 9 minutes behind Bacin yang cuba 'menyerap' kehebatan Steph! Hahaha... Ekceli, bacin potong aku somewhere after 30k of the cycling leg. Aku silap pi draft orang slow. Cilakak btul. And most of the time, i was drafting in a pack. Aku rasa that contribute to kepoweran aku mengayuh kali ini. Hahaha!!

I got a medal, and it has become a gift. Life is sweet.

Me n Bacin
(photo from KC)
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Sunday, July 23, 2006

The rise of...

...consumerism! Tesco Ampang just opened last Saturday. It was full to the brim with people!! What i cant understand is why people flock there? Do they get free toilet rolls by just walking in? I mean, c'mon, its just another Tesco!!

And to add up to the misery of people surrounding the area, massive traffic jams are predicted every weekend at MRR2 near there due to slow trafic flow towards Tesco parking lots. Aiyoh, looks like samy vellu have to make another flyover on top of the existing road la to avoid gridlock. But no tolls la mr samy!
Hmm...apa yang best sangat Tesco ni? Baca lagi!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


After WC (world cup, not water closet ah) I got back right away to working mornings. Oh man! Why am I whining? Because I only work in the evening during the whole WC month. So, I dont have time to adjust my sleep! ZzzZZZzzz.... And now despite the fact I have to be in the office around 10, with my late nights (just cant help it, I love it!) and all...

Now after work, a few of my collegues and not to mention bosses will strip off everything we are in the office, and transform into Misbun and co. Hahah..Badminton! It has been ages since I picked up a racket. I even bought a cap ayam racket (at rm50, even a Yonex is cap ayam) to play! Which reminds me of my younger days, when dad would be home at 5 and play badminton with us at the porch. We had this two steel (read:heavy) rackets to play with. Then somewhere along the way, I got a new Yonex, which I think is expensive that time, as a gift. I dunno whether its for my good grades or for my birthday. I think I'm gonna re-wrap its grip later today. Hahahah!! <== poyo je, macam terer! Baca lagi!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I saw myself today...

As I stepped inside a bookstore today, I was halted by a sight.
I saw myself, a six year-old me, sitting on the floor; oblivious to the world; immensely concentrating on the book in hand.
The boy was reading Archie.
I used to do that when I was a kid.
Almost everytime, anywhere I can find a book.
I loved Dandy. He's got a kinda huge, weird looking chin.
The mamak at my nearby magazine store used to shoo me away if I was reading for too long.

"Sorry aa, takbleh baca lama-lama"

How wonderful it is to be kids...
No need to put in overtimes;
No need to put up with idiots;
No need to calculate how much money you should have in the bank to survive 'till end of month.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Tummy timble tumble tots

Actually i had another thing written for this post. But it was so wretched that i had to put it in my other blog.

It was a great meeting. The guys were all hyped up watching Portugal vs England and the girls, were busy discussing about which team had the most beautiful jersey and which player was a hottie. Actually it was a meeting of celebrations. We had an early celebration for Ayang's birthday and her upcoming baby (in about two months). So, berpesta lah we all (although me not entirely, due to some outside reasons) with Lemon Cheesecake, laksa johor, potato pie and not forgetting the super delicious Haagen D ice cream! Can see photos here.
Stayed there until i saw Brazil fell to their knees, and I have a group ride at 7am! I tot boleh bangun la, then hampeh. I have to sleep in the car instead Ngantuk giler. Sorry guys, again I have let u down. Habis la reputasi aku. Lagipun belum adjust time tido lagi la. Susah woo.


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