Friday, May 09, 2008


I have a problem. My problem is in the form of a 40-ish year old man who since i met him last January, was bragging and tunjuk pandai everytime we met.
"I know this minister, aku ada kabel besar meja"
"Kalau stretching mesti macam ni " (during futsal game, which he is coward enuf to join)
...and many more.

I tried to knock some sense into him, taking care that he is much older than I am. Heh, what do you think the outcome was? Nada. Bit by bit, I'm starting to 'knock' him even harder. Telling him off whenever he brags, boasts or some sort. The latest one was: "Kalau tak pandai menari, jangan kata lantai tak rata". I said that to him when he refused to play futsal with us (he did came all the way, with attire and all, main je la!) JUST because the pitch was not up to the standard of the pitch the company he works with at a certain Jalan Riong have.
Aduh. What can I do with such people?
I wonder how his wife came to like him. Sengal la kau.

ps: this is the second person EXPORTED from Jalan Riong to Melaka who have the same attitude. Are they groomed like that? Baca lagi!