Friday, December 18, 2009

Those Vietnam buggers...

I was watching the football match between Malaysia and Vietnam -- SEA Games finals -- at someplace not so public. The suddenly came this group of people, sceptics I can say. "Malaysia sure kalah wan lah," said one. "Look at those Vietnam buggers, they're more skilfull than our players," retorted the other. "Malaysian players looked like a malnourished lot."
Yes, Malaysian football IS still in doldrums. Even though the team under the charge of K Rajagobal ended the 20-year gold medal drought in the Games, to me, it's just a flash in the pan.
The team now need stay together for much longer. Rajagobal needs to stay. They might lose one, or even two matches after this. But that should not be the yardstick of their performance. Continuity is key. Just look at what A. Ferguson achieved in his years with MU.
Still, what the boys achieved in Laos is no little feat. They beat defending champions Thailand en route to bag the gold. They prevented Vietnam from scoring against them throughout 83 minutes of the game. They prevented Vietnam from scoring a back-to-back win against Malaysia (we lost 1-3 in the group match). Even though the goal was the result of a deflection from a Vietnam defender, the initial shot was from Malaysia. It was Malaysia who attacked Vietnam for the goal. They did so because they believe. Most folks here in Malaysia believe they can deliver. I believe.
It's time for some people to start believing. Have some faith people.
Baca lagi!