Thursday, July 28, 2005

No need for this

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The situation in southern Thai is worsening. Their govt seem to 'bully' a specific party down south. Come on, please let it not be another Palestine.
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Monday, July 25, 2005

Why Singapore Marathon is soooo best!

Here's why...

dont look at the runner. Look at the roadside!
Lots of people you dont know are encouraging you to go on!

You got people cheering for you along the way!

A nice 'christmas tree' eye candy...

You definitely wont see this anywhere in KL

They are really there for you..

last but not least, EVEN THIS KID OSO CAN DO LA!

So wait no further! Register now here. The earlier you register, the more discount you get! Actually in no way I am affiliated with the event organiser. But heck, the more the merrier kan?
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lately ive been itching to make something sweet, succulent and tender. a roast chicken perhaps? grilled ribs?

Whoa..nice eh.

the girls are having a stay-in-saturday nite this week. maybe can bring or make some offerings to the table? korang bawak dessert. I'll do the rest. muahahaa..I've been know to have high taste in food especially by my SIL yang tak tau buat lempeng. Duh. Eventho i eat pancakes, i still know how to make lempeng pisang. She thinks im somekind of anti-local food jerk.

Blah la. Simpan maggi bawah katil tu like i dont know.

Psst...she doesnt know how to cook.


This August ada MPAJ run, and...TTDI Arbontahamendantah run. Thats about it la, i think. But come September, events are lining up. Then in December, Singapore time. Huhu..cant wait! Baca lagi!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Apa cerita nih?

Dang. Cought some cold bug from someone. Now not so kebal eh? So have to cancel todays workout in view of tomorrow. FCUK.

My PD time split is out. But fcuk, they didnt time me properly. Or even those 'yang belakang-belakang'.


They say my swim was 1:03:12, bike no data and run 3:56:32. Total time was 3:51:32.
Macamana ni? My run was longer than my total timing? Bloody incompetent timekeepers! This is why a timing chip is important. (If I'm not mistaken the tauke organiser is a ChampionChip agent. kan?) Oi, aku dulu pun jaga timing la. Tak pernah ada glitch bodoh camni. Timing Ironman lagik.
Whatever la.. Memang sikap Malaysian the 'Tak apa' mentality.

Dah. Buang tenaga aku je. Abaikan.. Baca lagi!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Kha kah kha...

I was timed 3 hours 51 minutes and 32 secs with 5 people behind me. Khakhakha... Baca lagi!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My first triathlon

After about two month of preparation, I have finally completed my first triathlon. I have achieved my goal of finishing an Olympic distance triathlon and here's what happened.

I woke up at 5 on the big day. I didnt quite have a good night sleep because the rain and all. After all, we were camping. At around 6:20, we reached the starting ground. It's kinda early but there are few fellow triathletes on site including Azwar.

I decided to proceed to the transition area and rack my bike. After numbering my body (felt like a cow to be slaughtered!), I hung at the transition area. My mind was just thinking about the swim. I didnt even care much to look at those super-expensive bike others had. Even Azwar noticed the nervous look on my face.

Finally, the call for start. My age-group get to start first. There were several waves of start 5 minutes apart according to category. Honkk!! The air horn blown, marking the start of the race. And the start of my agony. For the first 100m, I couldnt find my groove to do freestyle. Everytime I did it, I seem to swallow half of the sea. So I turned to breast stroke. It didnt work out as well. After about 500m, the second wave started to catch me. Then the third wave. And the fourth. Even the last person to start caught up on me. Soon, I was the last.

It's my nerves. It has gone haywire. I didnt have any confidence in the swim like I would have in my run. My mind was processing negative thoughts.
"It's too far, you are tired"
I dont care. I dont care if I was the last person to emerge from the swim. I will finish it. So I resort to doing backstroke, plus a mix of breaststroke. I finished the swim about an hour or so, being last.

During the ride, I was escorted by a policeman on a 'white horse' (the police bike). No problem finding my cadance during the bike. But I felt like I was on a training ride. I am out there alone. The ride consists of numerous rolling hills. Lucky I trained on hills. I kept my cadance high to save my legs. Just 5k before the U-turn, a female rider passed me on the other side.
"That's the second last position. You've got to pass her," the policeman said.
I just kept my head cool, not wanting to dig deep into my reserves during the ride. Suddenly there's a figure walking with his bike on his shoulder. He had blown his rubbers. Both of 'em. A few moments later, I caught on the female rider. Now I'm not the last person anymore. Suddenly my left calf started to feel something. Please let it not be a cramp. It is starting to feel like it. Nothing I can do except stretch it while on the saddle. I suspect its lack of electrolites. Now, the water bottle is my best friend. About 15km to go, the heavens opened up and poured. Great.

After about 1:40 minutes of cycling, I arrived back at the transition area. Since I had my running shoes on already (I dont clipless pedals on my 'kicap' bike), so I'm out in a jiffy. No problems finding my running legs. Thank God for this. As I head out, many were heading in. I just look 'em in the eye and gave a thumb up. Something to keep me feeling positive. I managed to overtook two participants around 2km into the run. Then I encountered a slight hilly area. Not a problem as I power through it. Close to the U-turn of the run, I saw an old man staggering on his way. I thought that I have to make it a point to overtake him. And I did. About 1km after that, I saw a familliar figure on a bike heading towards me. Its Azwar. He kept me company until we reached Regency, where he was staying. Thanks Azwar! I also heard someone shout my name at the Regency. I cant recognise who it was. Was it Sofian the triathlete? I dunno. But thanks for the much needed encouragement. Less than 1km to go, and I could see the right turn towards the finish line. Suddenly, my right thigh was acting up. This time, I felt like stopping. No, I cant. All the participants who were DRIVING back honked for me. They were still giving a hopeless chap like me encouragement eventhough they had packed their bags and split. I kept on going. I have never failed to reach a finish line before and I am not about to do a first. I went on and there it was, the finish line. It was very calm at the finish line, almost silent-like. Of course, everybody must have gone back.

I crossed the finish line, followed by a medal hanging on my neck. Fadzli was there to capture it all. 3:50 something, that was my time. I started out as the last person, but I didnt finished last. The race aint over, till it's over. It was a truly a race, against myself.

special thanks to Fadhil who gave me his meal coupon! Thanks!

Image hosted by
Me after the whole ordeal.
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Monday, July 18, 2005

I am a triathletes

Yes. the grammar is incorrect. But that what's written on the back of my event tee. Ha..ha.

I am back from PD. I finished the triathlon. I finished it woi!
So Linz, kena blanja makan yea...

Some interesting fact: I was the last to finish the swim. But I was not the last to cross the finish line.

Stay tune for the whole story. For now, I am just hell tired. Sakit badan and all. But it was worth it. Worth every sweat. Baca lagi!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Why the jam?

Surprisingly the trip 1 km away from my home took me 25 minutes. Giler jam! Why? Why?? Of course la its after office hour and everybody berebut to go back and lepak depan tv or what ever. Sheesh...25 minutes for me to get to the main road.

Pity me I have to travel some 30km odd to make my way to the pool. Plus it was raining. And since its already 7pm, I have to skip visiting the bike shop to install quick release to my rear wheel. Duh. Esok jugak.

Pool was near empty coz of the rain. So, happy lappy! NOT! As if I can swim right. Nonetheless, some laps were done. FULL LENGTH. haha...


So this is it. Tomorrow we (me N Fadzli) will head out ot PD for the triahtlon. Good luck to me. Yeah, I'll be needing lots of that. Thanks to all who wished me luck.

To Azwar, make your mark brader! Sofian, hope to meet you there. Linz, wish you can make the crowd bigger. Sabb, nothing is impossible. Rohaizad, thanks. And all others, thank you. Keep on going... Baca lagi!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

En route to triathlon pt4

I have 3 more days before the race. Or 4. Depends on how you count it.

I think my balls have shrunk thinking about it. Thinking about the swim actually.

So again, Im gonna practice my swim later today. And tomorrow. Gosh. I really, really have to LEARN to swim after this.

I am not putting any target for this week. But I will say that I want to finish the swim in 40 mins, bike in 1:30, and run in 1 hour. So my finish time will probably be in 3:10.

Hopefully. Baca lagi!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sungguh sinis...

taken from a commentary of Tour de France, stage 10.

How's this for a commentary:

3 km Three clicks to go... Rasmussen takes the reins for the first time in this foursome... Not for long, mind. The spectators are out in their thousands. Some stupid souls are running alongside the riders, getting in the way and just not thinking straight. Most notably, they are Americans.

Lawak, lawak...

Anyway, Armstrong got the yellow jersey back after a gila babeng fight to the finish. If you read the details of the race minute by minute, its crazy I tell you. Let alone to watch it.
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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Now I know how it feels..

to ride for 60km. It feels, seronok! Well, apart from the burning feeling in the legs and skin (I started my ride at 1030am!) it was fun.

At first I wanted to do 2 proper laps, which equals to 60km as well. But I ran out of fluid, so I decided to take another route. The route was:

Mosque>big ass roundabout>TPM house>PICC>some road to cyberjaya>big ass roundabout>TPM house>PICC>PJHoldings>PICC>precint 8 (beli air kat 7E)>big ass roundabout>mosque.

Phew. even writing it down is hard.

Yang sakit hatinya, even made myself laugh at times was, again, the headwind. Why la this is happening to me! Dah la kayuh sorang sorang (due to some logistics problem). Somehow angin sepoi sepoi bahasa kat area Palace of Justice tu kuat yek on Sunday?

I did it in 2:30 termasuk beli air kat 7E. At 40km I clocked 1:29. I know, I know theres nothing much to brag. But heck, aint that a good start with a kicap bike! Just imagine if I ride an expensive carbon bike. Prolly could shave off 30 minutes? Kha kah kah... sukanya!

Dah nak pegi mandi... Baca lagi!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

New home kit unveiled!

Barcelona FC has unveiled its new home kit for season 2005/06. Err..the colors are the same as last year, which is the Catalans official color but more emphasis on blue this time. Looks a bit timid though.

Nevermind, champions will look aggresive no matter what color they wear!

p/s: dont bother to look at their away kit. its ugly and bright.

On another note, Liverpool dont have a new kit. Schuks. But Gerrard stays. Yay!

Putih tak gigi Ronaldinho? Baca lagi!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

En route to triathlon pt3

After mulling over decision to buy cycling shoes and pedal, I've decided that I wont. I realised that I'm just kidding myself over this. In fact, triathlon was not in my plan this year. So, why go all out? But next year, Im gonna do all the circuit (except the ones on the East Malaysia) and Powerman, if the timing is good.

So hows my preparation? Hmm, I guess I can swim the swim leg and not suffer. Heck I've been concentrating on my swim that I've almost forgot about my run. I still have to run 10km after the 40km bike u know. Hmm...maybe I can put it this way. I am going to give what I got in the run. So I ve been doing hill repeats lately. Hopefully my 'kaki bukit' wont give up on me that day.

So roughly I would say, I am 70% ready for PD next week. My form pun not very well due to malas training for the past couple of months. How to beat malas aa? Duduk training camp perhaps? Baca lagi!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What the hell is wrong with you?

what good is a mother who comes back from work late at night and decides that watching Kate Fox on tv is more important than to spend time with her 3-year old son that she painstakingly carry 9 month in her?

absolute madness! if you want such privacy; your own free time to watch the bloody soap on tv, then dont f*ck in the first place! in fact, dont even get married! have you gone mad? dont life teaches you something for after 30 years of living it? or, you are just plain stupid to learn anything?

how the hell you knock some senses in these kind of people? may God save me from this utter madness.... Baca lagi!

Short news!

I bet its gonna be another interesting event! Medals up for grab for 21km and 10km. Up to 400th contestant! Im sure gonna do this. Remember, 9/11 this year, lets rock Putrajaya! Go here for forms.

p/s: Sabb! Jom masuk oi!! Baca lagi!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Somehow sleep was a better option..

This morning, sleep was a better option. That means I skipped Putrajaya today. Skipped training altogether. Duh. What have I done???

Yesterday I didnt slept late. About 1 ish I guess. That was after tormenting myself on the couch watching the bloody AF. Yup. I surfed the channels for some good stuff to see after 'The Recruit' (Pacino & Farrell). "Nothing is what it seems". Sekali tersinggah channel 4. So happens it was AF. So, being curious who the hell is Mawi 'world' yang ever soo popular, (I wanted to know whether he's good looking ka, nice voice ka), I stuck to the channel for a while my pasta is on the stove. Then this mamat botak come to the front, ready to perform. So happens its Mawi. My first impression : Uk'aloh. He sang Beautiful Maria by Los Lobos. Tak sedap pun. And I was concurred by Kudsia who said "wouldnt it be better if your are voted because of your talent"? After that, I'm back to channel surfing, and pasta..

So in short, most Malaysians who Afundi-ed Mawi are on pot. Its crazy to not vote him off after such a dismal performance. My cat couldve sing better. Miau miaumiauuuu!!

Btw Linz, boleh rehat la lepas ni yek? Baca lagi!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Tour starts today!

Y es, the Tour stars today! Will Lance Armstrong retain his title in his final year as a professional? Or will Jan Ulrich get his wish to beat Armstrong? Well, I dont know much actually but, one thing in common is, the tour represents human ability to perform difficult task and courage. Just imagine everyday for 21 days you cycle more than 100km covering torturous mountain range?
Catch it on Astro channel 81 at 5:30pm,3rd July. 1/2 hour show je? Baca lagi!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Yang mana satu?

Yang mana satu menjadi pilihan hati? From top: DMT Tri (Fibreglass sole), Shimano Multisport (Carbon sole) and Sidi T-1 (carbon).
Of course la I will choose the cheapest one. hehe.. just for the sake of making my mind ponder on these things. Haha! Retail therapy! Baca lagi!