Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Beautiful noise

What is the purpose of my life? Why am I here? There must be a reason thats conceivable to the mind. A reason, perhaps to justify my being.

Ah, what is that beautiful noise I hear outside? It's the children playing. They, on the other hand doesnt have to ponder much about their reason for living. They just go about doing anything their beautiful infant mind could think about. Imagination. Yes! It's their imagination. Children can imagine lots of things that adults consider foolish: a flying car, an ice cream machine that never runs out, and even flying human beings. Yet, adults thought about realising some of the imagination through science. Human beings are made to think. Cows aren't .

Yes, I am made to think. What is right, and not. What is good and bad.

I must think. Baca lagi!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jelajah Perancis akan bermula!

List of main favourites for the 93rd Tour de France which begins here Saturday:

Ivan Basso (ITA) CSC
Basso, who won the Giro in June with the biggest margin in 42 years (over nine minutes), finished runner-up behind Arsmtrong last year, was third the year before and has already won the white jersey for the race’s best rider aged under 25 years old. Basso is not a pure climber, nor a pure time trialler - events which are crucial to success in the race - but excels in both. His powerful CSC team could prove decisive when it comes to setting the pace in the crucial mountains stages, and could give him the edge over Jan Ullrich.

Jan Ullrich (GER) T-Mobile
Germany’s 1997 winner has been chasing an elusive second victory since he decided not to compete in 1999, the year in which Lance Armstrong scored the first of his seven straight wins. Ullrich came close in 2003’s dramatic edition and, by the time Armstrong retired last year, the 32-year-old German had come runner-up an impressive five times, three times behind the American. A knee injury delayed Ullrich’s start to the season but he recently built on the form gained on the Tour of Italy by winning the Tour of Switzerland. And Ullrich will be the man to beat in the race’s two long time trials over 50km.

Floyd Landis (USA) Phonak
A former rider with Lance Armstrong’s US Postal team, Landis has emerged as a team leader in his own right since joining the Swiss outfit. He believes he can win the Tour de France and, despite limiting his racing days to focus exactly on that goal, at the start of the season his time trialling was on fire. Also good in the mountains, Landis perhaps lacks the team backing to be able to threaten the anticipated dominance of CSC - and a top five finish, after last year’s ninth place, would not be brushed aside.

Alejandro Valverde (ESP)
Spain’s next ’big thing’, Valverde must be getting tired of being compared to the legendary Miguel Indurain - however there’s no denying a talent that makes him his country’s main contender. Valverde beat Armstrong in the 10th stage to Courchevel in the French Alps last year, the first mountain stage of the race, to claim a memorable victory on a race debut which ended early when he injured his knee. He has already shown his one-day form this season by winning the Fleche Wallonne and the more prestigious Liege-Bastogne-Liege classic. On his second Tour, the tactically astute and tough 26-year-old will be hoping for key stage wins that could boost his chances in the general classification.

Alexandre Vinokourov (KAZ) Astana-Wurth
’Vino’, as the talented Kazakhstani is affectionately known, is a real contender for the yellow jersey having come third place in 2003 when riding for T-Mobile alongside Jan Ullrich. However it remains to be seen if the polemic surrounding his newly-named team (formerly Liberty), which has been plagued by claims of blood doping in recent weeks, will upset his plans to take advantage of Armstrong’s absence. Vinokourov has, like some of the main contenders, had a quiet season so far. But he is an all-rounder who, while still lacking in the time trial, can climb well. He can also stage daring victory raids miles from the finish line.

Aku rasa: Ivan Basso dapat la. Team CSC power jugak. Baca lagi!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Chicken Foldover

"What if your first love was your last?" - then you'll die heartbroken

"It stays with you to the end." - stay away from me u crazy woman!

"The one that got away." - try, or thou shalt not know

"The one you can never forget." - first cut is the deepest

"Love that never leaves." - it never does, but people do

"Does friendship end where love begins?" - does it have to?

"What happens when you fall in love with a friend?" - shit happens

"Everyone has a first love story to tell." - indeed, they do

Well, the above are some of Yasmin's probable tagline for her new movie, Mukhsin. Although, it kinda give me a smack on the face, though.


A friend with a crazy problem came looking for my counsel just as I was about to have some shut eye. But me being a good friend, went out to meet her. Lagipun its just 10pm.
Apparently she wants to ask me to go with her and work overseas.
Gilo apo. I guessed that this meeting was not about that actually. My guess was spot on. She was having that 'crazy obsession' again. She is obsessed with something--someone-- that couldnt be hers.
I gave her a slap on the face. Nah, I wish i could. My advice was simple, and any sane person wouldve said the same.


Finally got to workout. Stamina macam siut. Nemind. I have time after WC. Saw tis dude in RPM class. I just watched from outside je. He is sooo poyo. Clad in Colnago bike shorts and Nalini jersey. But his seat is just too high. Takkan dia tak tau adjust kut? Or dia memang poyo, all dressed up just to show off. Blearghh. People. Baca lagi!

Friday, June 16, 2006


Flab, chubby, corpulent, fleshy, full, gross, obese, overweight, plump, portly, pudgy, roly-poly, rotund, round, tubby

Basically what I want to say is, I have been skipping my precious sweating time for the last two weeks.

OMG I feel fat. No, I look fat, at the belly, at least. More fat cells are starting to accumulate around that region. Oh, that should be the least of my problems.

The major problem is: July is looming fast. MMDS is looming fast. I, yours truly is in no condition to race. Bleargh.

Solution(s): Stop by the gym on the way back (around 6am) OR stop by the gym before coming to work (which means I have to sacrifice my slumber time).

Verdict: Belasah! Janji habis! (quote Zailan) Baca lagi!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Copa Mundial

Its the season to rejoice. World Cup is back! And I'm being loaned to sports desk for the whole month!!! Yahoooo!

Quote from a friend: "Cilaka kau, dibayar gaji untuk tengok bola."

Haha...sort of la. Not exactly just watching. Ada la kerjanya.

My favourite would be Brazil to win it. But I do hope that Argentina might, just might, give Brazil a run for their money. England? Strong squad but...not too convincing.

Since I have become the unrecognised pundit tis month, I have to clock in at 6pm, and clock out at 6am. So what happens to my training?

Er...tak boleh jadi. Kena jugak buat sesuatu. Kalau tak boroi perut nanti. Ada sebulan lagi sebelum MMDS Putrajaya. Harap dapat complete-kan bike baru before that. Tinggal lagi wheels, saddle, groupset, bartape, carbon fork, carbon seatpost....aiyarkk. Banyak wooo.

I read somewhere ada orang nak jual gruppo 105 10-speed for RM1600, without hubs. OK ke? Baca lagi!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sure or not?

The Sukma is nearing its end. The event from which many great athletes—Watson Nyambek, Nazmizan Mohd, duh—were born has garnered a lot of interest from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, as well as from the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM).

Interest? Why would they suddenly be interested in the games? It is largely because the quality of the athletes have declined—gravely I presumed.

Reports have shown that results and timings for most events have been mediocre. Err, wasn’t that the case for most of the time?

My question is, why now? Why now you have realized that our Games have not been producing great talents to supply us with medals and honour at international level?

Then, comes the question of whether Sukma is still relevant. Is it? Some quarters are saying that Cari Champion is enough and spending about RM20 million for Sukma is just a waste. Personally, I think Sukma is still relevant. Even it does not produce great talents. You see, sport should be and is regarded as a lifestyle for some. For regular jocks like me to be in the ‘lampu minyak tanah’ limelight—compared to a floodlight—for a while, it is relevant.

Sukma shouldn’t be the only stage to cari champions. There should be other ways in doing it. And, lest we forget, we also have MSSM and MASUM to unearth rare talents. Unless, MSSM and MASUM are not opening their eyes wide enough.

And oh, I just got myself a new pair of Brooks. Haha. Baca lagi!

Jom lari wei!


30 JULAI 2006


YURAN: RM 10 AJE, unless u 'golongan istimewa'

DAPAT MEDAL WEH! unless boleh beat itu Arulthevar, then dapat duit la.

siapa nak borang boleh inform aku. tapi aku tak masuk la sebab nak join MMDS. heheh.

kepada Sabb, bleh suruh Amir lari this one pulak after PJ Half.

to donut girl, u pun boleh start lari-lari nih. Baca lagi!