Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sucking up some sambal belacan

Funny how some people hate those who would do them good. As though its so repulsive. They loathe the faintest idea that this person would do them good.

Remember your most hated teacher back at school? I remember my ustaz at school. He was like - oh my GOD - so mean that he carries rotan 80% of the time I saw him. And of course I got whacked once in a while lah. But because of him, I think, Im a bit better in mengaji.

Some quarters might say its like a father teaching his children lah. Straight as a ruler, but deep down inside, its love. But that's children. What happens when we deal with intelligent, grown-up people? Well, I would say that there could be repercussion. Even at school we could always scratch the side of the teacher's car so ugly, that the teacher had to change cars with his/her wife.

But then again, they want us to do good. Maybe, just maybe we think or feel that his/her ways are not suitable to our sissy ass. But the objective remains the same. They want us to do good. Just like sambal belacan, its hot but its its good. So suck it up. Baca lagi!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Akal pendek

Its amazing how full of hasad dengki some Melayu can be. Without knowing anything about another person, they can easily say, or assign bad labels to other people. The hell, like they own this world! Even our DPM, Najib also said that Melayu masih banyak sikap hasad dengki. No wonder we Melayu cannot compete with them Chinese in business. Orang Melayu kalau nampak Melayu lain maju sikit, dah nak sabotaj. Bagi jampi, santau la, basically all dengki stuffs. How on earth we can maju?

I'm not saying I'm the anti-Melayu now, but this is reality. Melayu will never go anywhere with hasad dengki. Why cant we have 'I scratch your back, and you scratch mine' mentality? You cannot be the uber businessman without help from others. You cannot wear the yellow jersey without the help of your team mates. You cannot be the damn best worker in the office with hasad dengki as your arsenal.

To those with hasad dengki, PISS OFF YOU PRICK!


I would like to convey my gratitiude to Melli of Real Betis for his gracious own goals (2) against Barca las nite. Hahahahaha... hopefully you wont get shot in the head when you got home. Baca lagi!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Klakar bangang

Some funny stuff picked up from Tri-Geek Dreams (I hope you dont mind, Kahuna!).

You might be a single triathlete if you are:

  1. You have ever decided to give up dating for a month or more to save money for more race registrations. ==>wow, I think I might do this in the future!
  2. You've explained the differences between road bike geometry and tri bike geometry on the first date. ==>for sure you will bore her to death.
  3. You've worn bike shorts to work under your dress clothes because you were out of clean undies (and you didn't feel the least bit uncomfortable). ==>Azwar has worn his running shoes to work before, can it count?
  4. You've considered making a donation at a sperm or egg bank in order to get closer to your ideal race weight (and you would use the money to buy more Powergel packets). ==>if only we have sperm banks here, ada ke?
  5. The "3rd date" means it is time for the other person to show their commitment to you by signing up for a sprint.==>if only I can find awek triathlete!!.

On another note, we are having a mini duathlon this coming 26th @ Putrajaya. Just a bunch of guys/gals who frequents la. tu je. And there will be some pot luck breakfast afterwards. Sounds like fun. I hope I can make it. Ye la I am the one who proposed the bike route! Come to think of it, this group activity sounds pretty much fun. Maybe nanti boleh buat bike jersey souvenir ke, baseball cap ke, you know commemorative stuff. Who knows. Baca lagi!


A girl told me I look like 23 yrs young. Haha! Mudo remajo pakcik rupanya!!

Rahsia: makan ulam dengan sambal belacan selalu.


KL hujan pepetang skang ni. If only I can go to gym... I think my cycling would improve tremendously if I were to go cycle in the gym. Alangkah indah...

Right knee still hurts. I think ligamen problem la. Yesterday I ran for cover from the rain, suddenly the knee kinda locked. Arghhhh!! Sakit la buduuh!!! So how now brown cow?

Promised a friend some ice cream and a walk. Hmm...bila ah? Baca lagi!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Giving the finger to the big bad green lorry

I felt like I was in a high speed chase. But the only thing is, a lorry was chasing me. I mean a big ass 24-wheeler. Why? Coz I gave him the finger.

It all happened when I was cruising in the middle lane along KESAS to a friend's house. I saw the lorry cruising at the left lane (it was a 3-lane hiway). Then suddenly, without any indications, that sonofabitch suddenly moved into my lane; just missing me by few inches that I had to slow down. Bodoh. Bagi la signal dulu.

I dengan angry nya overtook him. Gave him a honk. He honk me back. Kimak. I opened my window, and behold, the finger! *shiny, sparkling effect*

I exited at Puchong, heading towards my destination. To my surprise, he followed me! Bastardo. I quickly turned into a housing estate. He slowed down at the junction, waiting to see where I'm going. Huh, apa lagi, pusing-pusing dalam housing tu la! Until I found another exit from the taman. Phew, I lost him.

Well lepas ni, I'm gonna have a concealed weapon under my seat. Kalau nak mati pun, at least biar ada fight. But the crux of the matter, bagi la signal sebelum tukar lane. Abih kalo gaduh, nko yang mati instead aku, camna? Tak ke rugi....


This morning aku pegi Putrajaya for a ride on my newly setup bike. Phewng!! A bit late la, around 9am. But it was overcast all along my 1:45:xx ride(I was hoping to get some tan!). The route? A new route for Pipothlon this coming March. It was easy, with only 1 big hill to climb. The rest was fairly flat. Distance was about 37km. I just went there for an easy ride. Since my right knee was hurting from Tuesday's run, so how to tekan? About my knee, I think its a case of too much too soon. Tu la, nak sangat lari jauh-jauh. Beware, after a lay-off, you have to re-train your sendi-sendi to endure the pounding. I hope its nothing serious. Baca lagi!

Thursday, February 09, 2006


OK. My 'iron' bike aka basikal kicap has been given a new breath of life. Well, its actually me that's gonna have few more breath after riding it. As I said before, new wheelset, new groupset and even a new bar tape!

The thing is, I almost got myself an Ultegra FD for me kicap. But luckily the tauke didnt have any that support triple chainring. Nasib baik. Kalau tak, ada jugak esteemed brand kat bike aku. Neway, Ultegra tu pun model 2004 kut. Nampak lama semacam jek. Well I sorta have to change another FD coz the one Ajeep ( yo I still owe you 50!) gave me, the clamp was bigger than my seat tube. So... I put another Shimano kokak one la...

Back to breathing issue. I got a gut feeling that my bike setup is waaaay lighter than the old one. How light? I dunno la. Never timbang it before and no plans to do it now. Suffice it to say 'ada perbezaan'. No Samy Vellu stuff here ah. I mean, I grab a hold of the old crankset and it was berat macam besi. Memang besi pun! And the new one is like aluminium. Sendiri kira la.

Enough said la. Apart from changing a new seatpost and saddle to prevent me from being sterile at a young age (ehem, oh, it moves), my training bike is complete. Lepas ni, simpan duit beli Cannondale yea!

Oh, and on another note, dont buy anything Danish. Thank you. Baca lagi!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fakta menarik

I found this somewhere in the net while searching what the hell is Cro-Moly.

"Specifically, 4130 steel - an alloy steel - which is commonly known in the bike industry as chrome-moly, contains the following alloying agents: 0.28- to 0.33-percent carbon, 0.4- to" 0.6-percent manganese, 0.8- to 1.1-percent cromium, 0.15- to 0.25-percent molybdenum, 0.04-percent phosphorous, 0.04-percent sulfur, and 0.2- to 0.35-percent silicon. The other 95-plus percent is made up of good old-fashioned iron. Now, there are hundreds of kinds of steel, but 4130 finds its way into bike frames because, among other attributes, of its weldability, formability, strength, ductility and toughness. (Many low-buck frames are made with 1020 steel, which is called plain carbon steel, and has significantly lower strength than the chromium-molybdenum steels.)"

Now that what my bike is made of. Just slightly better than basikal 7-up kampung tu. Hahah!
Neway, basikal aku belum siap tranfer enjin lagi. Should be ready by tomorrow. Baca lagi!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Surreal, but nice.

Sabb bersama seorang artis.

Let me laugh three big times before I start. Kah kah kah!

Believe it or not, I, the unmistakenmably-never-followed-Muzik-muzik person, went to Juara Lagu 20, front row seat. Red carpet entrance lagu tu!

Sabb and hubby Amir.

After burger sepah and a big-ass milo ais, I still cant believe it. Thanks to Sabb and Amir, dapat tengok Mawi live. NOT! I told Sabb that I would fall asleep when Mawi sings. Well, too many gorgeous babes and cleavages to ogle at to fall asleep there.


Earlier that morning, Grunge, Alan and I went for a crazy -- at least for me-- run to Hartamas. Why crazy? Eh halo, aku tak pernah lari since lepas Titiwangsa tri (which I didnt participated, sadly) and suddenly wanted to do a 30k? Well my intention initially was to run at my own lembu pace till the group -- Azwar, Bacin and co.-- turned back.

Made it till Masjid Wilayah when we met the group turning back. So how far was that? A good 12-13k? I donno really coz no watch and did not learn to read the sun for time. Lantaklah. All I know is that I could feel the endorphines streaming thru my blood.
A good sign. I think I still got it in me. Baca lagi!