Friday, December 12, 2008

Only for a few hours a week la...

I was listening to a radio station in the car recently, and if I recalled correctly, the DJ's were discussing about how men tend to ignore everything and make silly excuses to watch a football game on tv. To the defence of millions men out there who almost religiously watch their favorite team(s) battling it out on the pitch, its only for a few hour only, lar.
Imagine for the rest of the week we spend quality time with families and friends, sometimes even forgetting about the game altogether.
But come weekends (or sometimes midweek), we will shut the world off, for a few hours that is.
Come on lar, it's only for a few hours.
Maybe we get too excited with the game played, we wreck havoc to the house.
But, come on lar, it's only for a few hours.
And please, all of you af the opposite sex have Mother nature to stop us having sex for at least a week each month. And we can live with it.
Football? It's only for a few hours, lar!


My mind is in a distraught state. My wife is about to give birth to our first child, anytime soon. I know she can manage to go to the hospital with some help from colleagues (if she's working) or family members.
But I think it is important for me to be there for emotional support. And maybe to lend my arms, for her to grip on while going thru labour pain. But I will be there, when the time comes. I will just drop everything here in Melaka and cabut to KL.
Another thing that I'm worried of is the safety of my in-laws at Bukit Antarabangsa. They had a major landslide last Saturday, and it was quite near to their place.
Luckily, so far the place is considered safe.
But I still worry. These things happen before you know it.
Hopefully everything will be okay.
Baca lagi!