Monday, April 13, 2009

If you're driving on highways at night, watch your rearview mirror

Exacty. I'm not asking for you to watch out for 'supernatural beings' or some sort. Its busses.They are on the road, driven according to the rules-very disciplined-during the day. But at night, they're like ghost riders. They stalk yu from behind, flashing hi-beams to make sure you are out of their way. Even when you are overtaking another car on the far right lane.
Can you believe that?
I've had a double decker bus chasing me just because I gave him a flash of hi-beam once. The driver was relentless. I was driving like 140km/h in a Kelisa, but the bus chased on. I guess the driver thinks that only he can go on hi-beamming people from behind, but he cannot kena even once.
In the end, I had to pull over at a rest area after managing to pull off from that SOB driver. I waited at the rest area till I saw the him pass by.
What an experience.
Imagine if you pull out the statistic for accidents involving busses in Malaysia. I am positive that most of it, especially those on highways happened at night or after midnight. On my personal experience covering those accidents for work, I bet my limbs that 80% of them happened after dark.
What are the drivers trying to prove? That they rule the streets at night? Damn, they have many innocent lives depending on how they drive, yet they go on driving like crazy.
The govt needs to implement some kind of method to monitor busses in Malaysia. Introducing the GPS tracker is a good way in doing so. In Taiwan, city buses are equipped with those devices that are monitored at the bus company HQ. The HQ will tell the driver to slow down or speed up a little if they are ahead/behind schedule.
Why not do something similar here? We should start with express busses la. They have claimed many lives already.


Fadzli said...

Dude,bukan driver bas yang kejar ko tu pasal ko bagi middle finger ke dia ke?

tank said...

aku bagi lampu je, which turned out to be worst than giving the middle finger!

Fadzli said...

Woi!mengong la ko punya Pac Man!!