Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baru je cakap...

Six die in dawn crash, co-driver decapitated as guardrail spears bus

RAWANG: Six people were killed and a woman seriously injured when the double-decker express bus they were travelling in skidded and crashed on the North-South Expressway near Rawang yesterday.

The 5am accident at the 442.9nd kilometre of the expressway caused a massive crawl south of the Bukit Beruntung toll plaza as authorities took about four hours to clear the wreckage.

Md Zaher Mohamad, 33, C. Magenthiran, 26, Mohamad Fauzi Awang, 44, Muhammad Ismail, 27, Mohd Yusril Zakaria, 27, and co-driver Zulkhibri Md Saad, 35, all died at the scene.

The AB Express bus, carrying 34 passengers, was travelling south to Kuala Lumpur from Alor Setar when the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle.

The bus then skidded into the guardrail, causing the metal railing to break off and spear the lower deck of the bus before the vehicle came to a stop on its side. See? baru je cakap pasal bas. If you take note of the news, the accident happened at 5am, the bus was not hit by any other vehicle and somehow it went out of control.
Why, tell me why do they like to commit offence under Sect 41 Road Transport Act??


Vanilla Latte said...

i saw the news. really happened after ur entry man..that's freaky.

tank said...

yea freaky....but damn sure I have nothing to do with it!

Anonymous said...

sapa yang diorang hire jad bus driver ni? main tangkap muat jer kot?
ntah2 lesen pun, lesen terbang?

taxi driver kat kl issue lain pulak, heh? tak nak cover yg tu?

tank said...

huh taxi driver plak? apa kes?

Anonymous said...

biasa la.. jenis bawak keta ikut suka mak bapak dia. pastu tak nk guna meter. pastu ada kekadang bangla bawak teksi pun ada. pastu tak nak ambik org OKU. Ish.. byk la.

but then again, bukan semua la mcm tu. Most of them aje. :)