Friday, December 18, 2009

Those Vietnam buggers...

I was watching the football match between Malaysia and Vietnam -- SEA Games finals -- at someplace not so public. The suddenly came this group of people, sceptics I can say. "Malaysia sure kalah wan lah," said one. "Look at those Vietnam buggers, they're more skilfull than our players," retorted the other. "Malaysian players looked like a malnourished lot."
Yes, Malaysian football IS still in doldrums. Even though the team under the charge of K Rajagobal ended the 20-year gold medal drought in the Games, to me, it's just a flash in the pan.
The team now need stay together for much longer. Rajagobal needs to stay. They might lose one, or even two matches after this. But that should not be the yardstick of their performance. Continuity is key. Just look at what A. Ferguson achieved in his years with MU.
Still, what the boys achieved in Laos is no little feat. They beat defending champions Thailand en route to bag the gold. They prevented Vietnam from scoring against them throughout 83 minutes of the game. They prevented Vietnam from scoring a back-to-back win against Malaysia (we lost 1-3 in the group match). Even though the goal was the result of a deflection from a Vietnam defender, the initial shot was from Malaysia. It was Malaysia who attacked Vietnam for the goal. They did so because they believe. Most folks here in Malaysia believe they can deliver. I believe.
It's time for some people to start believing. Have some faith people.
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Meet Mr. Monk (Malaysia)

Few days ago at a shopping mall in the heart of KL, Anne and I had the opportunity to meet Mr Monk. Malaysian style. He's a late 30-something guy, wears glasses, a fine-chequered shirt, polyester pants and safety boots. And, he is the only guy wearing a surgical mask in the fast food joint we're at. As he's about to sit down at his chosen table not far from us, he was seen inspecting the table and chairs for God knows what. I guess he was just looking for any signs of stains left on it, but the way he inspects them as if he was looking for some unknown germs ready to be named. He then called upon a worker there to clean up his table and chairs. The worker then duly cleans them, as Mr Monk watches and instructs on wiping missed spots. Later, he decided to turn the table around, and switch the chair from one side to the other. Wouldn't it be easier, Mr Monk, if you just sit at the other end of the table, on the other chair?
Anyway, Mr. Monk was carrying a plastic bag of groceries (I guess) with him. As he's about to put it on the table, he again inspects the surface of the table for stains. Satisfied with the table, he slowly puts the bag down. Just. He again inspects the bag for any stains collected from the table and wiped the bag with tissues to make certain no stains were visible. Gosh. The inspections alone, took about 10 minutes! I'm sure this is nowhere near the real Mr Monk we see on tv, because Mr Monk has OCD. This guy doesn't seem to show symptoms of OCD (thanks to Pschy. class I took). I guess. But I'm no shrink! Meticulous? Super nerd?
He was not overly protected of his belongings as he left it on the table while he places his order at the counter. He had a large fries and a large drink.
I guess he was just peculiar. Hopefully he has no medical complications (like OCD perhaps?).
But more peculiar sights was in store for me that night.
Imagine a 'working girl' from the back alley. Imagine the girl, with very short shorts, shaggy t-shirt and a walk that justifies her as a 'working girl', loitering in the mall with a large drink from the fast food joint in her hand. You take that girl out of the mall and put her on the streets, people will be asking straightaway: "Berapa?"
And then there's this butt-clasping couple. You know, the kind where they have their hands intertwined behind their back, clasping each others butt. Please lah, butt clasping should be restricted at private places only lah...not in public. Plus, it doesn't show your affection to each other. It just shows your carnal instinct!
There was more to be seen and tell, but I was too busy finishing off my miniaturised Bigmek...
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baru je cakap...

Six die in dawn crash, co-driver decapitated as guardrail spears bus

RAWANG: Six people were killed and a woman seriously injured when the double-decker express bus they were travelling in skidded and crashed on the North-South Expressway near Rawang yesterday.

The 5am accident at the 442.9nd kilometre of the expressway caused a massive crawl south of the Bukit Beruntung toll plaza as authorities took about four hours to clear the wreckage.

Md Zaher Mohamad, 33, C. Magenthiran, 26, Mohamad Fauzi Awang, 44, Muhammad Ismail, 27, Mohd Yusril Zakaria, 27, and co-driver Zulkhibri Md Saad, 35, all died at the scene.

The AB Express bus, carrying 34 passengers, was travelling south to Kuala Lumpur from Alor Setar when the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle.

The bus then skidded into the guardrail, causing the metal railing to break off and spear the lower deck of the bus before the vehicle came to a stop on its side. See? baru je cakap pasal bas. If you take note of the news, the accident happened at 5am, the bus was not hit by any other vehicle and somehow it went out of control.
Why, tell me why do they like to commit offence under Sect 41 Road Transport Act??
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Monday, April 13, 2009

If you're driving on highways at night, watch your rearview mirror

Exacty. I'm not asking for you to watch out for 'supernatural beings' or some sort. Its busses.They are on the road, driven according to the rules-very disciplined-during the day. But at night, they're like ghost riders. They stalk yu from behind, flashing hi-beams to make sure you are out of their way. Even when you are overtaking another car on the far right lane.
Can you believe that?
I've had a double decker bus chasing me just because I gave him a flash of hi-beam once. The driver was relentless. I was driving like 140km/h in a Kelisa, but the bus chased on. I guess the driver thinks that only he can go on hi-beamming people from behind, but he cannot kena even once.
In the end, I had to pull over at a rest area after managing to pull off from that SOB driver. I waited at the rest area till I saw the him pass by.
What an experience.
Imagine if you pull out the statistic for accidents involving busses in Malaysia. I am positive that most of it, especially those on highways happened at night or after midnight. On my personal experience covering those accidents for work, I bet my limbs that 80% of them happened after dark.
What are the drivers trying to prove? That they rule the streets at night? Damn, they have many innocent lives depending on how they drive, yet they go on driving like crazy.
The govt needs to implement some kind of method to monitor busses in Malaysia. Introducing the GPS tracker is a good way in doing so. In Taiwan, city buses are equipped with those devices that are monitored at the bus company HQ. The HQ will tell the driver to slow down or speed up a little if they are ahead/behind schedule.
Why not do something similar here? We should start with express busses la. They have claimed many lives already.
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Friday, March 27, 2009


Hahahah! Harian Metro made Lars Umlaut a superstar!

Pilih syaitan
KUALA LUMPUR: Awas! Remaja yang gemar bermain permainan komputer perlu berhati-hati apabila memilih permainan, terutama berasaskan muzik rock dan punk berikutan sesetengahnya boleh menjejaskan akidah.
Itu adalah sebahagian daripada berita muka depan mereka yang menyatakan sebuah permainan video mampu menjejaskan akidah.
Permainan video itu sebenarnya bertajuk Guitar Hero. Menurut kata paper tu, videogame itu "memaparkan grafik seakan-akan kalimah Allah ketika ‘syaitan’ bermain gitar." Syaitan yang dimaksudkan mereka ialah karekter gitaris yang kita pilih untuk main game tu lah. Sebenarnya, satu saja pun karekter yang kalau nak cop syaitan pun iaitu, Lars Umlaut (gambar). Nak kata setan pun, aku rasa badut lagi sesuai kut. Remember KISS?
Mengenai kalimah Allah, sepanjang aku main lima edition game tu, tak pernah pulak ternampak benda sebegitu. Grunge, ko ada nampak?
Tapi yang paling kelakar sekali, ayat ni: "Menurutnya, setiap pemain hanya perlu memilih satu karakter syaitan sebelum mengikut nota lagu yang ditetapkan."
Adik oi, satu karekter je pun yang macam setan, tu pun sebenarnya takleh nak kata setan sebab pakai bedak macam badut.
Haih, sudahlah. Paper tu pun macam UMNO. Dok sogok minda Melayu dengan sampah, macam calon UMNO sogok perwakilan dengan duit lah. To all GH fans out there, ROCK ON!
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Friday, March 20, 2009

I just did...

It took me a while to hit the 'confirm' button on the screen. I was split between lack of confidence and current inability to perform the duty, should I press that button. It's not like I have never done it before. I did. Once.
I was on foreign land when I did it. I did well, I guess.

But that was 5 years ago.

And now, it's there in front of me. "Confirm," said the button. Seems all too easy hitting that button. Just a click, that's all. But what it really mean is opening a life that knows no despair, built on diligence, hard work and sweat.

I was mulling over it for almost a week now. "Ah, what the heck. Just click the button," probably what my alter ego would say.
Oh well, I did. I just registered myself for KL Marathon this June.
Hello world, I am back.
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Saturday, February 14, 2009


Nope, aku tak ada blog baru. Dah berbulan, I think about 2 months kot aku tak hapdet blog. Bukan tak ada apa happenings in my life. Banyak je . Dapat anak, jaga anak, dapat roommate baru, beli kasut lari baru, pegi lari-lari balik, rambut dah panjang, memacam lagi la.
Cuma takda semangat nak menulis. Boleh? Keje aku hari-hari menulis. Sampai kat blog aku sendiri, dah tak tau apa anak tulis. Gila agaknya.

On another note. Aku letih. Partner aku yang tak semenggah tu banyak pulak meeting dia kat KL tuh. So, it meant i had to work alone for most of the time. This week je, aku dah keje 7 days straight. Kalah bangla/burmese kat Ol& T*wn beb. Haih. Penat. Letih beb, letih. Jadi aku pun ngabihkan la masa rehat lepas keje dengan main PS2, main bowling, layan astro, pegi jamming (bos baru layan lagu 60an la....gian nak rock nih! Warpigs!@!!)Adala haritu tengok wayang sekali, citer apa ntah. Nak tengok latest movie, tak sampai hati plak kat Anne. Then sampai off day, baru la balik KL. Travel. Lepak-lepak. Travel. Kembali ke Melakeee la cilakee.
Dah la, merapu je nih. Tido tido.
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